Petition: remove Bewilderbeast until spirit bug is fixed

Just like the title says: I’m here to start a petition. I at this moment want the Bewilderbeast to be taken out of the alpha line up until the spirit bug is fixed.

The reason for this is simple: He blocks clans from progressing because of his spirit generation bug. Just look at the situations the clan i’m in is experiencing.

The past week or so my clan has been building up in power (bringing in active members with great teams for battling alpha’s, …) so that we can challenge the 7* alpha’s. Now what happened is we met a 6* Bewilderbeast. All in all this wasn’t too bad we could see how well we were doing and gauge our strength. We, of course, couldn’t beat it and ended up fighting another 6*. This time it was shellfire. He went down quite fast in comparison (we only needed 6 attacks each). The day after that we were of course expecting to get another 6* but we were hoping it wasn’t a bewilder beast. Well lets just say that didn’t work out. Again we failed to defeat it (but we were able to bring it down to about 500k, which is pretty good considering most of our clan members were hindered by the spirit bug). After that we faced another Shellfire, and again he went down quite quickly. Yesterday, our hopes came true and we got a 6* foreverwing, which also got defeated rather fast). But now we come to today, we finally get to face the 7* we’ve been waiting for, and yes you guessed right it is another bewilderbeast.

So i think you can see my frustration. This is a bit too much in my opinion. So here i am, wondering, is it possible for the Bewilderbeast to be temporarily removed from the alpha line-up until certain bugs are fixed. And if so, why hasn’t this been done yet?


Bewilderbeast is a problem in lesser stars as well.


I completely agree with you.especially when you keep fighting and killing alphas and then:surprise:a 7 stars bewilderbeast is waiting for you,this dragon should be removed until his bugs are fixed cuz he prevents us from advancing and fighting higher stars dragons.


Mods and devs be like


We can’t even get them to add a confirmation pop up for basic drafts, I have little faith anything to community says matters at all


I completely agree with @Featherwing. This is the big problem which all of us have. I am with your petition!


Update: So after that 7* Bewilderbeast we got a 6* screaming death, which was beaten easily. Now guess what happened today. We were given another 7* Bewilderbeast.

4 out of the past 8 alpha’s were Bewilderbeasts. (and as far as i know you can’t get the same alpha twice in a row so this kinda means that the bewilderbeast has appeared every time he possible could)


This, this, and more this!!!


I totally agree. Bewilderbeast is rough normally. This bug makes us hit a new wall to get past this level dragon.


Theres a tonne of glitches with the alphas, from energy vanishing randomly to matches not triggering even when in a line of three, its a new game, I think they have a long while to go yet

if the spirit doesn’t show its going up, use auto special, it will work.


And, unless you are lightning quick on the toggle, only at the expense of making strategic matches