[Petition] Stop the plan to sell boosts everyday. Save the game!

Everyday sales of boosts will kill this game fast. Please join me in this petition to stop this before its to late. Come Monday after this sale is over, boosts will be for sale like before. 25hp 25att everyday for 500 cash each and on Sunday you can also buy speed boosts. Before this, we had a chance at reaching the top, now that chance has drastically closed due to our financial abilities. Even casual spenders will fall way behind. I full heartedly believe this will kill the game. I know we are a small voice compared to the thousands that are not on this forum but atleast we have a chance to be heard before its to late. I urge you to join me!!

  • yes, everyday sales will ruin the game experience
  • no, the game will be fine with everyday boosts sales
  • you are overreacting

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Uh… apologies, please add that vote from “NO” to “YES” because I couldn’t read. You are not yourself when you’re sleepy…


Omg it was you!!!

I was like “who the hell voted that?!?!”


Incubators did the job of keeping the spenders above the play-for-free guys just fine, this speed boost business is just madness.


They haven’t said they will be on sale everyday

If so point to me where it said that?

In fact I doubt very much they will be on sale every day.

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I am very new to the game, just level 7, but what about us newbies? We can’t buy boosts yet, at least none are in the shop for me. So if there is a sale now but not when we get there, what of us? Just quit now and save the inevitable disappointment when we discover we have no way to catch up at all?


all you have to do is read the post and it says it.

thats the big problem aswell. new players will be turned off. these games are supposed to be competitive.

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Says till early next week so… They will be gone Monday… Nothing was said they will still sell them, someone posted a few days back that it was never the intention to keep selling them everyday.

it wasnt their intention to do unlimited or tier three purchases. but selling everyday was their intention. thats why they offered 3 weeks worth (25hp 25 att per day plus the 25 speed on sunday x3) so that they can get back on track.

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We just wait and see then…


@Pateradactyl voted! You know where I stand on this matter! Hahaha!! Clap Clap Clap!!! Let this petition be heard!!

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I agree we have to wait and see… but heres my take on it… Ludia never said these sales were not going to be every day… only content creators whos beta experience reflected that said so. Most likely intended but thats another discussion all together.

Secondly, there will be tournaments that include boosts but on stuff like boosted commons, rares, epics… most arent gonna boost those things if their relying on 28 daily boosts per week and one 25 tower boosts and their dinos need 500 boosts to tier up.

Im already at the point where i have a few dinos next tier exceeds what can be earned in a regular week. So i certainly wont be spending my earned boosts on something like a weekend tournament…


and the pressure comes when boosts are sold everyday. whats wrong with selling them slowly like speed? you can actually earn more daily then buying them every week.

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I agree, these boost sales should be only available perhaps those One Time level up offers!

Or only in Strike towers and daily incubator.

In the end unless your team is massively boosted you cant compete with those in Top500, in the past all you had to do was grind to level your team and get good at the game, money should;d never take priory over skill and a good strategy!


it should be a luxery item that slightly boosts you not a detrimental factor to your enjoyment of the game.


Many of the boosts actually offer a greater increase to said stat then the next dinosaur level would…thats just wrong!


The game has always been pay to win. Now, it’s a bit easier to pay to win. It’s not a big deal

not true. i have alliance members that never spent a dime and have achieved high ranks. but in what ways are you saying its pay to win?

also… why should we now have to spend double what we did before if thats the case?


Buying incubators had a high chance of giving you rubbish DNA, boosts are 100% sure to make the dinosaur better! Big difference there.

Also after a few tiers, the boosts actually give more increase to the health and damage stat then actually levelling up the dinosaur, this sends a clear message to the players that they should buy boosts instead of grinding DNA and getting coins to level up.

Bad message to send to the player base!