[Petition] Stop the plan to sell boosts everyday. Save the game!

he means coins but thats a faster and cheaper process then having to buy boosts everyday to keep up.

and i agree with you when ppl bring up the incubators.

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Oh ok, thought he meant buying incubators for the DNA to avoid grinding!

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In fairness new players will not actually be at a disadvantage. They will earn boosts right from the start and be able to complete harder events than those that came before. I do think 1 day a week for all 3 would be better than every day but honestly new players were miles behind boosts or not

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But we all had to start somewhere, we all grinded for our DNA and coins to level up our team, being new is no excuse for them to do this!

Its not like the new players are facing full teams of uniques anyway, they are fighting other new players with similar dinosaurs.

Its easier for them to have you buy stat boosts and pay for your same dinosaurs multiple times, than it is for them to create and design new dinosaurs for you to buy coins to level up.

Smart business Strategy.
Scummy tactic.

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after hitting lvl 10 if they are still interested.

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You lie like a rug. If anyone has more than 3 high level uniques (25+) - they are vip and have purchased cash/coins.

That’s a hard/slow pay to win grind. Now it’s easier to ptw is all I mean.

It don’t matter to me. As a none paying player - I’ve sat around 4400-4800 trophies for the last 4 months. It’s not a big deal.

Still doesn’t give them the right to invalidate a years of effort in a single fell swoop and patch!

Edit: Also its more satisfying to earn your team, when I finally unlocked Erlidom yesterday I actually jumped in excited in the middle of the street lol


Yeah if you buy incubators - your not going to have much to show for it. I’m talking about being vip and buying cash/coins.

i dont lie about what i say. i find that disrespectful and ignorant. this person is not me. i am vip still and do pay.


Define high ranks then. Perhaps I’m assuming you mean something you don’t.

higher then me and i pay. so 5400+ before boosts

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I’m pretty committed to the game and I can’t imagine how it is that they can be that high and not paying. That’s amazing.

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A good strategy and learning what counters this and that and having a balanced team.

Basically, Skill.


its ok. thats a common response when others achieve higher then one.

I know that feeling. Took me forever to get him - right before he dropped off the daily I got him. But it’s not years of playing for anyone - not yet at least. It’s almost a year for anyone.

Yeah it was a typo, was supposed to read “year”

to boost one dino to max. it will take a year and thats for each boost. thats a long road that we used to have to walk… now they can pay and take the bus lol.

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And when/if they add armour and crit boosts, that bus will become a limo with a driver lol


there is nothing wrong with slowing the process down if it means the longevity of the game. thats all im saying.


Exactly, id rather them add heaps of new hybrids and creatures (providing its not ALL arena exclusive stuff, still gotta catch em all lol) to keep the game going, then to go for the quick buck and have everyone rush to end game.

Many players were already complaining they had nothing to do due to maxed out team. (Not me though lol, still 10 creatures to unlock, including Tryko which ive not even started on yet, arghh!)