[Petition] Stop the plan to sell boosts everyday. Save the game!

After boosts came to I rised from bottom of top500 and even managed to reach top30 and have been on top100. I think these boosts ruined this game and I finally cancelled my vip which I’ve had since beginning of June 2018.


They said that they are only available until early next week

The game was already dead since the release of draco,tryko and thor.
So its not a big change for me

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I totally prefer Sunday only 1 of each.

But I don’t think the game is lost only pvp. I’m still exercising and actually enjoying it.

The fact people bought Epic scents still shocks me. And two boosts is a much better deal than scents. We lost already we live with whales.


That’s complete BS. My main team is average level 29.75, 5 of those uniques. I’m not VIP, never bought cash or any offers and only ever had VIP twice.


Ranked like 14 or 15 last season.

Agree with this. I asked them twice in the boost rollback thread whether investing in this current deal will further be used as leverage to extort $10 a day. No answer.

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Stop selling right now is too late, because would leave behind permanently people who didn’t buy them in these two days but that may or may not purchase some of them in a later time. There should have been no sales from the beginning. Or at least not a 20x at a time.


When we have more boost events, where you can get boosts, I don’t see any problem with buying boosts.
There should be at least 1 boost event for every categorie a week (1x Attack, 1x Health, 1x Speed)

You always can buy things in shop to grow up faster, but you don’t have to.
With Coins you can level your dinos faster for example. No one has had problems with that.

It only matters in the short term. Once we all start piling up around tier 5 it won’t make a difference unless speed is sold and even then it won’t matter much.


I believe game is already head over hills, and i already stop fighting other than daily defense incubator. Another ‘once-beautiful-now-totally-messed-up’ game biting the dust. R.I.P.


We just need an AI option before matchmaking begins. That alone would fix ‘most’ of the issues surrounding boosts and arena.

Might not help the die hard PvPers who live for arena, but they will be fine regardless.

It would certainly help the casual players as well as people who think arena is permanently broken.

the ai option can be exploited though. i doubt they will do that.

It’s clear they won’t do it.

But it’s not the worse: wait until next update they rebalance creatures, release new fantastic hybrids, and your boosted creatures get useless, and you have to spend all again to new hybrids.

hahahahaha :money_mouth_face:

probably not. it takes almost a year to max boost 1 dino. we will keep busy. besides, i think nerfs are now a thing of the past.

if you support or not, choose one but lets keep this meme free please.

Sorry, only read the thread tittle. Didn’t realize that was a rule, but will respect your wishes.

Thought my meme was being helpful based on the thread title. Either way, please try to allow room for opinions that you may not agree with and know that other players also care about the future of this game just as much :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

Selling them everyday would be a bad idea, they are obviously here to stay so maybe have them in the incubators you can buy that give you a chance to get some stat boosts but like the DNA you don’t know which one you might get or if any, I would obviously prefer they just came in daily’s or strikes so you have to work for them.

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player with 20000 green cash already bought 20x life pack + 20x damage pack.
so who knows we have someone with tier 9 health and damage and tier 6 speed thor, hahahahaha.

and if offers keep daily, soon we have rich people the kings of jwa.