Petition to add Continental Exclusive Creatures to Continental Incubators

Something that I have noticed that annoys me is whenever I check out the Continental Creature incubators, not a single Continental Exclusive Creature is in the incubator. It’s just really annoying to me and it doesn’t make sense at all. I know not a lot of people buy these incubators, but it’s just frustrating that these creatures aren’t in these incubators. Besides, there is no harm in adding them, it’s probably better for Ludia and us. So why haven’t they added these continental exclusive creatures In the incubators yet?

  • Add Continental Exclusive Creatures in the Continental Creature Incubators
  • Don’t add Continental Exclusive Creatures in the Continental Creature Incubators

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Continental exclusives shouldn’t even exist in the first place.


There actually a cool concept but added at the wrong time

Yes continentals are nice but if you don’t have an global alliance you will never get all of them. Considering they also will have uniques we might get to see them in a championship

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What about a raid? Or/and a Worldwide spawn event? Like continental creatures will spawn worldwide in one week or something?

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They should! But not this rare level…

Continental creature should never exist yes they are raids coming soon but it makes no sence for them not to be a fully global creature

We’re do I sign?

We should have continentals rotate like areas, preferably a rotation every month as well. I’m sure many people would want to see the other regionals, not just one of the three, as someone from North America I don’t want to always see Stegoceras, I want to see Struthiomimus and Rinchenia as well, I don’t mind them staying regional exclusive but they really should give us a rotation, even though it was easy for me to create Glyptoceras, it wasn’t as easy for me to create Rinchicyon.

They really do need to get added to the weekly rotations as well. Stegoceras should be on the stun week, Rinchenia the fast, and Struthiomimus could be debuff (or whatever) but these creatures have been out half a year now and I don’t recall a single event week that included any of them.