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Petition to add dimetro sdna to modded pvp wheel

Well basically title says it all, im frustratingly close to another copy of it and just when i thought i can finish the CoT and grab that my dreams are now crushed. It helps me a lot because its my first Superhybrid and will help me secure dom finishes in the upcoming tourney.


I am sad for you☹️


Calm down, I am sure they’ll add it to modded pvp as they won’t leave it impossible to obtain.


They should also change indoraptor sdna, it’s been for too long and maybe make randomly each week to change, then players would try to make more events if a week goes by with the dino they want.

And maybe increase the chance of sdna in modded PvP by removing useles dinos like monos, and kapros


I cant agree more with you. Velociraptor SDNA only caters to end game and not every player who has started the game needs it. Instead of forcing us with one slot for velo sdna itd be nice if that gets a swap too even though it has the highest sdna requirement it still doesnt make sense to force it upon us.

Also the kapros and monos on modded wheel, where do I even start :confused: , atleast I can get rid of them on the TH. But the 40 LP ones I constantly get on elite wheel are more demotivating than those. I hope they remove such rewards honestly.


I agree that Dimetrodon S-DNA should be added to the Modded PVP Wheel as currently there is no way to farm that particular S-DNA. However I don’t mind Velociraptor S-DNA being a fixed reward of quests giving S-DNA.

Firstly, Velociraptor S-DNA is the only S-DNA in the game that is used to create 2 superhybrids, thus players require a much higher quantity of Velociraptor S-DNA than any other S-DNA.

Secondly, each Indoraptor (Gen 1 or Gen 2) require 2000 Velociraptor S-DNA before they can be hatched, making them the costliest Super Hybrid in the game. Wouldn’t it make sense for players to be able to collect it much earlier in the game, rather than reaching the point that their lineup can handle an Indoraptor yet unable to purchase one as they have yet to accumulate sufficient S-DNA?

Thirdly, you need a whopping 320,000 Velociraptor S-DNA to max out both Indoraptor Gen 1 & 2 paddocks, which I’m sure even the most late game players have yet to acquire. Especially at endgame, no dinosaur can rival the power levels of the 2 Indoraptors, makeing them essential to your lineup.

Lastly, if you really dislike collecting Velociraptor S-DNA, there is always an option for you to sell off your Indoraptors for DNA. Consider this as a short-term boost to your DNA supply, since you will eventually have to accumulate Indoraptors anyway. The power level of other Superhybrids are easily eclipsed by Tournament Hybrids.

Thus, in conclusion, I firmly maintain my stance that Ludia keeping Velociraptor S-DNA as a fixed reward for quests giving S-DNA will only provide players more benefits than harm, thinking from a long-term player perspective (which is what Ludia wants players to be).


I do agree with whatever you’ve said, but instead of forcing us to have a slot for Velociraptor S-DNA, give us (not end game players) a choice to swap it out. Like on a monthly basis we can choose the S-DNA we want. I think that would be more versatile instead of locking a slot with one kind of S-DNA since superhybrids are extremely necessary for people who wish to secure dom finishes in the tournaments much like me (without them I cant get myself tournament hybrids which eclipse the superhybrids). Its because of this reason having one slot locked with velociraptor S-DNA makes no sense at this point in my game timeline although it would indeed be beneficial if and when I reach the late game stages.

Plus I dont believe people max out indoraptors since there is nothing that matches their ferocity levels at 40 or do they? I maybe wrong

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Won’t you want to max them out eventually? Yes, while it is true at this point in time that the Indoraptors have no rivals, do note that Ludia will eventually create dinosaurs of similar ferocities.


I mean you dont really need indoraptors unless you want to add them I think that’s the point they’re trying to get at, while it’s true indos cost the most and theres 2 types velo dna has been here forever and everyone can pretty much max them and then some by now, I’d be up for a bit of variety


I for one agree fully with @CodexOfTime, I don’t see how removing Velociraptor DNA would be very useful except for variety.

Like I mentioned in my Progress Thread, used properly Indoraptors can be the biggest help for your Lineup you can ever have. Before I went all crazy and fused most of them (I have my reasons :sweat_smile:) I once sustained an entire Tournament using nothing but those eight Indoraptors per day in Dominator.

I understand at first how it feels like to have abundance of Velociraptor DNA, but once you start making Indoraptors they are just such a big help to the Lineup.


While this is true I was getting at the point of the game where you can pretty much limit the difficulty to what you choose it to be, if ludia brings out another legendary hybrid that’s an amphibian that costs just as much as indoraptor I cant say I’d be happy them keeping on the velo dna while the new legendary dna will be added to the current rotation

Plus the fact indos sell cost doesnt do it for me I can make that in a week easily


Yes for sure Indos will help, but since it will take a looot of time to get there why should not too old players should be held with sdna that’s they won’t use in a lot of time. I think it would be a lot more useful a diplosuchus level 10 rather than 1 indoraptor that will make a mess in your team ferocity.

I think the main issue with indoraptor is that it’s too overpowered, and having Dinos with similar ferocity its pretty hard, and only a few players will try or play enough to go for a full paddock of level 40 indos. For me I could make right now 9 of them, but it would be pointless since it would outmatch and unbalance everything I have, won’t sell them but will save them for a future.

What it would be hard is that by having 9 indoraptors i would need at least another 10 dinos at the same level of other type, and that would cost tons of dna but mainly tons of time. But the time should come haha what I really hope is that they make dinos with similar stats


I thank all s-dna dinosaurs should be on the spin wheel just my opinion


For me, this change on the SDNA rewards had a perfect timing ! Exactly the day before the change , I made my first Tapejalocephalus, and I could only make it until level 20. I guess that the game wants to help me on my goal for a 30 level armored pterosr…

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Would be nice if any of the staff suggested this to the team so we can get dimetro sdna added :confused:

First they should put pyroraptor in the unlock rotation so we could get carnoraptor ,and then dimetrocarnus

For those that want to chose which SDNA they get I suggest becoming a VIP member and then utilize the SDNA factory where as a player you get to choose exactly what SDNA you can collect from it. I know it’s not the same as being able to select the rewards from missions but it is an option. If I could I would select both rewards from missions to be velociraptor SDNA, it can’t come in fast enough.

I agree that all SDNA should be available on the PvP prize wheels, but if history tells us anything it might be a while before that wheel gets updated, it might take a new SH to be introduced, but I also thought they weren’t going to change the current mission rewards until they released a new creature based on how long it had been around, and they just changed it. Which means we don’t have a new one coming for some time or they will plan on releasing one but it won’t be able to be collected except through the purchase of packs for a while.