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Petition to buff eremoceros

we really need to give eremcoeroes a buff. it needs to have camoflauge and also buff its attack and health a little.

also it must be funny to see a buff thread instead of a nerf thread lol.

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I think it’s already pretty good as it is


I think its fine it did decent vs the dodos in the tournament, would love a unique :+1:

Wow, this thing has a buff and nerf thread now, interesting but I agree with TheNoob Legend, its fine as it is, decently balanced, strong, and has its counters


It’s already pretty ridicilus, being incredebly easy to make yet being able to sustain it’s hp when very low and having very decent dmg output

Also it already has camoflage…

I’d give it a Medium or Minor counter-attack, and a new ability to make it more useful in raids called Group Dig In (basically Dig In that affects all Teammates)

That way it doesn’t affect it’s arena status

Nah eremoceros is fine as is no buff no nerf

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I think what it needs is a unique lol


I would nerf its speed from 126 to 111 because it looks like a very slow creature

You realy shouldn’t be balancing creatures based on their aperance

I mean maxima is problably the bigest thing in the world of JWA yet has less hp then it’s hybrid component brachi

yeah but still nerf it hahaha