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Petition to delete thor from the game

Yes, as the title suggests, I want this dinosaur erased from the game forever. People who owns this creature will have all the component dna, coins, boosts etc back. As if this creature never existed. I bet many people will suddenly have a load of speed boosts because of how much they enjoy wrecking lower levels with that immense amount of speed on their thors. People will also get so much coins back because that’s the creature most people have at lv30 while everything else is still lv24/25. If you’re one of those people you should be glad because you now have a chance to balance out your arena team level.
This creature is the one big reason of the whole miserable arena system, that’s what those droppers like to use to give others headaches, it stops people from pushing their trophies because of how often it shows up in the arena.
Upvote if you want this to happen. I know I’m going to get a lot of judgements from this post but I dont care, I just want to know how many people agree with me


You do also realize how much Thor is used in Raids, right? Thor is only a nuisance in the Arena because its easier to unlock and level compared to its counters. If we had more available counters ( and less of a meta that destroys these counters) Thor wouldn’t nearly as big a problem. So instead of ruining a person’s ability to obtain more dna in raids, lets focus on fixing the arena, which is the main problem.


Removing one thing will not solve anything when the real problem is another. If we exclude Thor, will we have to exclude Allosino in the future? Mortem Rex? The creature is not the problem.


Well then the game should really work on making a counter for thor that does the job perfectly and can be easily acquired just like how thor is, also it should be versatile and able to help with raids as well👌

You can’t delete a creature from the game permanently. Not all thor users are droppers. Once you get creatures like spyx or sarco up, thor sucks, especially the speedy ones


I agree with the first part, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be good in raids. We just need a Thor counter that similar to it, should be easy to unlock.


Thor was so much better (in general) when it had group impact instead of group rampage, it was a lot more useful in raids and slightly less annoying in the arena, no doubt it was annoying but not as bad as it is now


That’s gonna take months for lots of people, myself included
Also realise how spyx only counters thor (and sometimes magna) which means less spyx in the arena which means more thors in the arena. I’m not too sure about sarco

I mean, if you are in zone 2, take the time to farm bary gen 2. The other 2 ingredients for spyx are global, so giga scents should help you acquire that quickly. As for sarco, it doesn’t have to be maxed to kill speed thors. Mine isn’t and it almost 1-shots them. It’s 3 commons and 1 can be farmed in the arena and sanctuaries while the rest are global. You also have monolometrodon, which is 2 commons, one in zone 4 while the other is global

Why do u wanna delete thor?

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That is 100% false. Spyx does well against many creatures like grypolyth, tryko, and mortem. Heck, many can 1-shot my magna. Sarco is easy as you immobilize, stun, then impact and it usually kills them


Is it my worst nightmare? Maybe, but it’s not bad enough that it warrants the Thanos snap, especially considering how hard it would be to redistribute. It sucks to be the one getting chomped, but just take the time to build the counters and Thor won’t matter anymore

Well, any of my dinos are far from doing that. I’ve been seeing lv28+ near max boost thors with my lv24 team and most thors are faster than my sarco, and even if they are slower my sarco would never kill a thor in 2 hits. That’s why I said its gonna take months and months until those madman thors are the same level as my stuff

Simple, give back all the sino, allo, tarbo dna that’s used, all the coins used and a boost reset on thor. If you want to know how much just check field guide app
And perhaps make several new hybrids containing allo and tarbo dna to justify the loss of this annoying creature

just because its annoying to deal with does not warrant permanent deletion.
i hate lv 28+ max boosted thors as well. don’t see me calling for their removal.


But you’d have to do that process for thousands and thousands of people, it’s not as easy as clicking the send inc to all button, as it’s different for every player, and the game doesn’t track that stat, so you’d have to calculate it for lots and lots of people. Not to mention you’d have to redo lots of Trebax, Daryx, Indo, Mortem, Lux, Magnus, and Grypo raid strats, which would definitely turn away most of the hardcore audience. Trebax is dang near impossible even with Thor, so you’d essentially lock that raid to maybe the top500, a bad move that hurts everyone.

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is thor even that good in the trebax raid? idealy you’d like stuff with shilelds so you can tank hits. shield breaking is better left to something that can hit everything turn 1 so the tower your using can get the most out of their decel rampage.

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One word: Doedicurus, Thor is vital to bringing that down and also so that the revenge is only triggered on one specific turn, seeing as how towers can’t really punch through that shield and armor

Boosted Thor is a lot better than boosted Mortem Rex. They need to remove its Instant Charge as that is the main problem here.

ah. guess in must used to having a mortem deal with the shields of everything.