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Petition to delete thor from the game

Actually the Strat with dioraja is much more reliable than the one with thor

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Just take away instant charge from Thor and allosino in favor of a non instant stunning move and give it back group 1 attack. Thor becomes a raid darling again which players like while reducing effectiveness in arena which a large portion of the player base dislikes while keeping allosino from just replacing it in the arena


look thor, isn’t even that good. its also the only pure fierce unique hybrid in the entire game, like seriously. what about the dinos it does counter, what happens when some of those counters have no counters. i can counter thor with every player on my team, like seriously. except maybe gemeni but it has 6k hp so it can it down. the only one that cant is draco, but it will do serious damage, maybe kill it with the swap in

the instant charge is the only thing that makes it good, why not buff all of its counters or just learn to counter it. there are 49 creatures with 100% stun resist, 12 with 75%, 6 with 67%, and 1 with 25%. that is 68 creatures with stun resist which is about 1/4 of the creatures in the game. most of these creatures are legendaries or uniques and mortem which is enough to counter.

i also bet that most of the playerbase knows thor is horrible and once you get out of aviary, probably wont see it much more

One of the creatures that can counter Thor is this, since it can enter into an exchange and distract him, the only thing he needs is to have immunity to stun, since he practically always stuns, and loses in the next turn, he would also be the ideal opponent for sarcorixis in epic tournaments, although Entelochops and Indominus Rex Gen 2 are the crocodile counters in the tournament, but the cat would be the perfect Thoradolosaur killer


The instant charge is the only thing that makes it good in the arena and strike towers you mean. Tuora became effectively a raid only critter, why not Thor ?

You’re saying like thor is so much weaker than everything else. Bet you don’t know how it feels to constantly run into max thors with a lv24 team where thor beats everything you have because of it’s much higher stats and being faster than stuff it’s not supposed to be faster than (ie my 130 quetzorion)
Things that’s supposed to counter thors don’t counter them here because how much love most of my opponents have for thor, spending way more coins and boost on it

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I would have to agree with most people here. Thoradolosaur is useful for raids and does not merit to be deleted from the game. There are plenty of great counters to it sarcorixis, monolometrodon, magnapyritor, thylacotator if lucky and erlikospyx, even erlidominus if lucky and other cunning creatures. It’s annoying to deal with but once your counter reaches level 24ish you can take on most of the level 30 thoradolosaurs. It all depends if you want a quick reward (build your team around easy creatures to level up) or slower reward with higher potential (struggle in leveling up stronger creatures). I sure prefer to have the last laugh.

Btw here’s some pure fierce unique creatures I’ve previously designed to fill the need of more meta fierce creatures

And also some counters for thor (not as easily accessible though)

I made these purely because of the existence of thor and the frustration it brings
They all have instant rampage because of thor’s instant charge, I wish theres a better way to counter though

Long distraction would work while not making IR stupid widespread

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Thoradolosaur is fine. Its only downer is how easy it is to create.

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thor is one of the worst unique,the only reason thor is good is because of the rampage and the crit,if thor didn’t had those things allosino would be way better since he got armor and more speed(thor speed:105,allosino:106)
if alot of people started boosting poukandactylus i bet everyone would ask for a poukan nerf

It is already sorta better I feel.


If they remove thor I better get better compensation than a few coins

I don’t mean for this response to sound heartless but why do you play this game at all. So what if this one dinosaur is causing YOU grief, what’s next “Oh, Magna is destroying me!” This is after all a game, you can choose to play or not to play. The sense of entitlement is palpable in your request, if you’re having issues playing this game I suggest Farmville.


Did you bother to read his post?

As for the petition, what a joke. They can’t just remove creatures from the game. Try and come up with ideas of balancing or nerfs etc instead of silly ideas of removing creatures entirely.

As for Ludia reimbursing all dna and boosts etc. they wouldn’t know where to begin.

And guess what, Ludia is not listening coz next Sunday is a Unique event…you get a chance to dart Thor or Tryko! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I highly doubt that. Even max-boosted that thing is not going to be sweeping teams.

that was a joke

Ludias response:image

Well played Ludy.