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Petition to give Majunga/Majunda a hybrid

We JWA users are tired of receiving useless Majungasaurus DNA. I’m not trying to spread any hatred but we would all really appreciate if Ludia created a Unique, Legendary or Epic creature with the DNA of Majungasaurus. “One thing I could see is hybrid with alank. It would have swap in invincibility and a counter. So basically a free hit on your enemy.” -jah_minititan


Not just a super hybrid but a ridiculously overpowered one. Swap in DSR, 132 spd, 2500 atk at level 26 and all boosts applied to it get instantly doubled. After 6 months of complaining about it and everyone pouring all their resources into it they “reevaluate” its parentage and nerf it to the worst unique in the game


I totally agree! And i know majunga already does have a hybrid. But that hybrid could get a hybrid. Majundasuchus DNA is equally worthless and easy to obtain. So either a majunga or majunda hybrid would be appreciated by basically everyone. Not to mention majundasuchus is now the only rare hybrid without a superhybrid. Sad boi hours :frowning:


At least they’ve been listening to the community and giving a few old hybrids their superhybrids every update lately.

I’m sure majunda will be next since it’s the last rare hybrid. The real question is if it’ll be good :grimacing:

Maybe we can get Alankylosaurus a super hybrid while we are at it

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Ankylocodon: Am I a joke to you?


I already proposed a majundasuchus super hybrid with koolasuchus gen1 or 2 with:
piercing nullyfying counter atack
Swap in ferocious

Cleasing strike 1x
Slowing impact 1.5x
distracting impact1.5x
Long protection 1x
Immunity to distraction


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It’s going to, and it will be an Epic. I don’t think they will break the pattern. Majunga is one of the “pests” of the locals (L1), like Einio in L2, Diplocau in L3 and Sucho in L4. These three all got Epic superhybrids. I believe one equivalent will come for Majunga.


Totally agree, Maj is a worthless stalker; hanging out in front of my job, my home, my stores, my community, popping out of my incubators and barging his way out of all my scents. Give him a super hybrid or send him into hibernation for the winter


Mujunganuda plus eutha

109 speed
5 cric
30 armor

Pining strike
Ferocious Strike
Defense Shattering Impact
Short Shield
1x armor counter

Swap in Ferocious
Immune to Distraction


But I’m going for 300k…

I’ve been saying for almost a year now that majundasuchus (the hybrid of the majunda) NEEDS a hybrid. It’s a very pretty, but useless dino - in some ways weaker than the dinos that make it up. Give this beauty some love, please, Ludia :heart:

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