Petition To Have A “Disable Feeding” Option For Selected Creatures

I did some planning ahead. Once I totally will hold my place in Dominator League and unlock Chromaspinus, I can only afford to get it up to LV 3 (4,474.8 Ferocity) before it overthrows my currently strongest dino, a LV 10 Erliphosaurus (4,562.2 Ferocity) and completely screws over my PvE battle Balance. This is also why my Dunkleosaurus is staying LV 2 forever in my Aquatic roster.

For this reason, I think it would be very helpful and convenient for Ludia to implement a “disable feeding” option on selected creatures out of consideration of some players who wish for their creatures to remain as they are without accidentally feeding them and ruining their battle Balance. I hope this reaches someone on the Ludia team or whatever.


or just add a button that decreases levels and/or a button that rebalances your line-up for a price


Or just don’t feed it if you don’t want to. It’s not like there is a feed button pasted all over the screen. You would have to enter the paddock and then purposefully click the feed button before it vanishes along with the stats.

And by the way anything within 5% of your top creature is not going to ruin your PvE. Now if you take it to level 11+ then you will start to notice some problems. Also if it’s only one creature it gets factored into your top three so it dilutes it’s impact. Where you really start to feel problems is when the average of your top three starts to stretch out ahead of day your top 15-20 creatures.


Implementing a “don’t feed” function for every creature in every paddock would be complex with very little benefit. I think that there are much more interesting features (and bugs) that Ludia’s developers should focus on.


By the time I agree with some parts of the previous toughts upon the subject here, I should say there is awkwardly a higher chance than usual to misclick and feed one of the unwilling ones. It’s just because of some funny codes that leads you the most ferocious creature after you add a new one to the paddock every time, instead of showing that new one as to be fed. I’ve had that once or twice and it was so annoying.

But yeah, I agree 100% that the game is in need of much bigger solutions to some much bigger problems.

Deco removal bug Ludia. I’m tired of saying but you are not tired of frustrating us.


I’d rather have a de-level button. Basically you can click it and it will just decrease your level without any resource needed. Then you can re-feed for the same cost if you want to level them up in the future.

I feel like this suggestion has more use to it, that way if one ever overfeeds a dino or needs to decrease the ferocity of ones lineup, they can.

Now it’s unlikely that will get implemented, so the best suggestion I have is simply don’t feed your Chromaspinus.


Just don’t level the bloody creature then. It’s as simple as that.