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Petition to have another attack-buffing move on Tryo

Tryo used to be a powerful asset on field, but now it is merely a benchwarmer for many Tryo users. How did this happen? The answer is quite obvious, as many Tryo users have pointed out, it is due to the lost of its most valuable move—Ferocious Strike. Ferocious Strike was what made Tryo one of the most famous revenge killers, allowing it to deal a whooping 6500 damage(one of the highest unboosted damage obtainable before 2.0).

Lost of Ferocious Strike and 2.0

When 2.0 came, I naturally went looking for my team members, one of which is Tryo. I was quite upset that it has lost its greatest asset, Ferocious Strike, in place of a new move—Refresh. Of course, none of us knew what was Refresh, and one of my first thoughts was that it was like Adrenaline Pulse, both healing and buffing attack. I was wrong. It only healed and increased its speed, the latter being barely useful to Tryo. Having a high speed is not that useful on Tryo, given that it is a revenge killer, meant to set up by killing a weakened creature and providing a massive hit next round. Looking at its stats, it is quite obvious that Tryo is meant to be used after a set up. 1300 attack is not a lot, but the terrifying combo of RTC-FS makes up for it. Now that it lost FS, it nearly lost its identity. Tryo’s only set up move now is just RTC, which did no damage. Fun fact:If Tryo got back FS, it could beat a 2.1 Max, but that is not possible with its current move set, showing how FS is essential to Tryo.

How to fix Tryo:

Tryo undoubtedly needs a buff from losing FS, and I propose two solutions:

V1:Back to square 1

Crit Chance:30%(buffed from Bary parent)

Fierce Rampage
FS(in place of Refresh)

All resistances remain the same, except an additional 75% Resistance to Nullification, which will make the nullified buff only nullified by 25%.

V2:Refresh remains, but with a change

Stats:Remain the Same as V1, but health is reduced to 3900.

FS(in place of RTC)
Fierce Rampage
Refresh(now gains the effects of RTC, and heals based on current damage x1, priority)

Same resistances as V1, including 75% Resistance to Nullification.

What do you think? Do you think Tryo could be improved without FS? Or is there some other version of Tryo that you would prefer(I did ponder over a SIRTC Tryo)? Comment down below to share your thoughts regarding this once grand revenge killer!


I prefer the first version, RTC is usefull agaist counter attacker creature (dio, grypo, spinocons, tryko, etc) and yeah bring back FS to tryo, the Refresh thing isnt efective.


Very much agree with your points.

I prefer V1 i.e. the return of FS (or preferably FI). Maintain the current DSS. The rest are okay.

Refresh is so useful against sprinters and I wanted it to continue somehow. Maybe if had PFS it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Refresh is barely used for two reasons:

  1. Tryo doesn’t need speed. It’s meant to be a revenge killer. A revenge killer doesn’t need much speed, since its purpose is to give the next creature as big of a punch as possible.

  2. Tryo dies too fast before it can use Refresh, and simply because it doesn’t heal enough. And using Refresh will waste a turn of its precious ferocious buff.


Not so sure about that. Many speedsters have 140+ speed at where I’m at(Mid Library), so though it might be useful for the lower levels, it probably won’t do much use higher up. Unless you boost its speed really high, it usually can’t compete with speedsters in the higher leagues

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It would be significantly better in raids if it had Group Ferocity Strike (better than Irritator). So either give it that or just vanilla Ferocious Strike, which is better in the arena.


Tryo absolutely needs something like this IMO. It was balanced before, but balanced around the fact that you were going to be boosting it’s attack at least once. Now it lost one of those boosting options, but it’s attack is still quite low. So your only option to raise it’s attack is ready to crush, which is an inherently risky move because it doesn’t do damage. I used Tryo before 2.0, and 90% of the time I used FS to boost it’s attack (usually as a revenge kill). I usually only used RTC after I had already used FS if I knew I could take the hit and finish them on their next turn. So yeah, Tryo needs something, at least to be more arena viable.


Honestly as a legendary it SHOULD be better than irritator, in both the arena and in raids. As long as it doesn’t break the game :sweat_smile:

Revenge killers do need speed if the thing they are revenge-killing is fast. It also ensures they land the first hit on the next dino and don’t just get one-shot (or distracted).

Since Tryo needs to take an extra non-damaging turn to boost it’s attack to a decent level, I wouldn’t even call it a revenge killer anymore.

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In raids, specifically. Considering that Irritator is useless in the arena, you could argue that it deserves to be better than might otherwise be expected in raids. That said, that doesn’t mean Tryo shouldn’t be better in raids, and I’m happy either way. I’ve got plenty of Mortem DNA out of my Irritator already.


And they should buff Group ferocious strike to 3 turn (6attack) like the normal FS.

Yeah, either that or make it work differently in raids and the arena. Or the group buff can remain 2 turns, but the user buff can become 3.


Yeah it might be too strong if the whole group is buffed for three turns. It should definitely be three on the user though. Persistent Ferocious strike also buffs the user for two turns, and it doesn’t even have a cooldown!

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Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t GFS somewhat ‘weaker’ than FS? I once saw a thread requesting a GFS buff. But yes the addition of GFS would probably make Tryo the best damage booster in raids, surpassing Irritator. If this ever happens, I’ll be curious to see how does Tryo fare in Apex Raids

My bad, my phrasing was wrong. I was talking about old Tryo(pre 2.0), in old Tryo’s case, it doesn’t need that much speed since it’ll probably be unscathed after its RS revenge kill. The only thing that is stopping it is probably high attack creatures. And yes, Tryo has truly lost his identity after 2.0. Think of it like removing Ferocious Strike from Gorgosuchus. Looking at its stats anyone could tell its meant to be set up, but now it only has one set up move which is RTC, a non damaging move.

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I only use RTC when it comes to counter attackers like Tryko and Dio. Usually that buffed damage is enough to kill them. But losing FS is truly a tragic lost. It literally lost its entire identity, and Refresh is rarely used.


I couldn’t agree more

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Are we thinking a move set like this?
Persistent ferocious strike
Ready to crush
Ferocious impact

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I’d have to see the attack stat, but that isn’t bad at all. I would replace Ferocious Impact with Fierce/Defense Shattering (cause they’re the same on Tryo) Impact or Rampage though. It doesn’t need to be ALL damage boosts :joy: