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Petition to have another attack-buffing move on Tryo

I agree it needs its old move back

But then again my tyro is still doing great in the arena at the moment .

Tryos just needs to get FS back, preferably in the place of refresh, as that move is rarely used anywhere. FS also lets Tryos be Tryos, as it’s stats are made for revenge killing.


Yes, that’s why I suggested in the same post that it could get vanilla Ferocious Strike, which is better in the arena.


How so? My Tryo is at level 25 unboosted, and I must say I am utterly disappointed with his current performance when comparing it with his pre 2.0 performance. It can’t even beat a level 22 unboosted Max.


That move set really reminds me of Moth, just without Defence shattering. People are going to start crying for a Tryo nerf if this move set ever becomes a reality

Refresh is one of the most pointless moves in the game for Tryo.

Of course it should be replaced with its previous move (FS) and sooner rather than later.


Not really. I’m assuming you’re referring to Entelomoth. I do see the similarities, but Tryo doesn’t have any slows, and having a defense shattering attack is far preferable to another ferocious attack. It doesn’t need to have three moves that buff it’s attack. Plus unlike Moth, it doesn’t have Bellow. Personally though, I think the best option is to just give it Ferocious Strike back in place of Refresh.

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The combination of On Escape Heal, 4500 HP and 20% armour was also an important reason why Moth was so crazy. Tryostronix is far from tanky.

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The constant buffing in that move set reminded me of Moth, but yeah after that the similarities disappear

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The Tryo you have is boosted. Naturally any boosted creature would perform better. It’s an impressive achievement, but majority of us feel as if Tryo has become very lacklustre as a whole compared to his past performance.

To be honest even when it wasn’t boosted at level 30 it was still great . I boosted it because I wanted it to be better .

Remove it if you think it’s lacklustre