Petition to have more coins available and implemented into the game! Please read within


Hi everyone! My screen name is dinolord some have seen me around in the game and I run a Canada Facebook group that’s new for jurassic world alive!
As a “hardcore” player who’s on a monthly membership fee and puts money into the game regularly and will continue to as long as changes are made and help is given to those with great recommendations !

I vote to have more available slots for dino incubators 1 more would be nice and I really like how you give out 24 hour,1/ hour and 8 hour incubators and agree they should be payed for to speed up I love that concept! The only thing is the availability of coins to level up! I’m currently looking at a lot of coins to level up any dino and really I drive and spin 30 stops some days and still not many coins . We need another way to earn coins at higher amounts or increase the available amounts that are in the game ! Even mini missions for coins, special stops daily must be found be exploration ?? Please help us achieve having more coins because for some people 20,000 coins to level up is a bit much not everyone can spend 80$ to get half a million coins which for me would be spent in a few days! I’m a person who likes to spend to get better things. But some people can’t afford to spend that much why should they have crap Dino’s for not spending .

I have a great imagination I could give ideas all day for this game but straight forward please figure out this coins issue because without spending a bunch of money no one can reach those higher level Dino’s in order to get hybrids or even decent level Dino’s!

In the name of DinoLord the great and powerful !!

Commence thee to more coinage !! :crossed_fingers::grin::joy::+1:

Thanks to everyone who’s reading and please reply and support this thumbs up :+1:

Also most of all I’d like to thank my mom for helping me be who I be! The great and powerful DinoLord of jurassic world alive !

No jokes tho thanks jurassic world alive admins and devotees for reading this and listening so good to our responses ! This game will fly high with the help of DinoLord & the great changes you make to this game to suit us gamers :joy::+1::crossed_fingers: