Petition to lose a turn if you run out of time


Dear Ludia,

It is extremely annoying to have to wait 10-12 seconds every move because an opponent isn’t paying attention on the other end.

Please make it so if you run out of time on the clock, that player loses their turn.

It’s not fair they get to slow the game down and make me wait, yet their dino still gets to inflict damage on mine.

Yes it defaults to the “weakest” move and yes, this usually results in a guaranteed win, especially if the clock runs out multiple times.

Even more annoying when the opponent finally shows up, but it’s when they’re already down 2-0.

I can’t be the only one annoyed by this.


I find 15 seconds fair, makes the game going a slow pace without going too slow. They should not change that IMO because some players may need approx 12 seconds to think if they should swap or attack ect.

However they should definitely fix so that the game pauses if the opponent doesn’t make their first move, because probably the game has crashed for that player and going back in 2-0 is never fun for any of the 2 players.

If my opponent doesn’t make any moves I usually just exit the app for a few minutes, fighting noone is not why I entered the battle in the first place. I usually check these forums whenever this happens. I find that more enjoyable :slight_smile: cheesrs!


For one, I’ve never had a problem with the app crashing during battle. Perhaps ppl should only battle if they know they have a secure internet connection.

I’m not talking about a player on the other end waiting until there’s one second left. I’m talking about the clock fully running out. If you can’t decide in that time, you should forfeit your turn.

Battling isn’t that hard. It shouldn’t take that long anyway.


Allot of time when this happens the opponent is not in the game either because they can’t get in due to a glitch or they left the game due to many reasons! A phone call came in! Internet dropped or they simply gave up cause they know they can’t win!


Yesterday I had this problem! Launching a battle and the game freeze, so I re-open the game and been stuck on the loading screen at 18 to 22 during more 20 mins (losed the battle) so I had to re-install the game! Many people are having this problem, so you should not reject the fault to your opponent! At least you had a free win!


I like to think about what move I should use in a lot of battles before just smashing virtual buttons thanks.


:joy::joy: I sure hope your internet never goes down while you’re battling.


Okey, if u dont have time to wait 15sec, stop playing game and do something else :slight_smile:


I personally will take as much time as I need…if that happens to be 14.9 seconds - that’s what I’ll take…suck it up - you’re playing a game & supposed to be enjoying yourself…if this is bothering you that much you’re taking it too seriously…


Losing a turn is unfair when you only have to read the forum to know that the game freezes during battles for most of us now and again. Just because it hasn’t happened to you yet doesn’t mean it WON’T and when it does happen I bet you’ll be glad your dinosaur did SOMETHING when you couldn’t pick a move.


Let’s see. 15 seconds instead of what, 5-6 seconds? That’s a 9-10 second delay. Times about 8-10 moves at most as it should take no more than 3 moves per victory. That means it lasts about an extra 1.1 to 1.6 minutes.

Really? And I’m probably overstating the issue since some moves take longer than 5-6 seconds to decide when you are doing quick math.

Plus since you do win more often, you have the option of less battles necessary to fill empty incubator slots. So you save time overall.


If waiting 10-12 seconds is completely unacceptable for you then I’m concerned with your level of patience in other areas of life. I’m really surprised that this minor detail caused you such distress that you had to come cry about it in the forums.

Do you get upset if you have to wait 10 seconds before somebody replies to your text message?

Do you get upset when you have to wait 10 seconds or more when you order food?

Do you get upset when it takes you longer than 10 seconds to use the restroom?

What if you had a young child and it takes them more than 10 seconds to put on their shoes? Are you gonna complain that they’re too slow?

My gosh. Seriously. Just wow.


Even if other people already answered and I am gonna waste 30 seconds, I still reply you and confirm there are so many people that use stable internet connection and still need to re-open the app that freezed while you are fighting. The system is designed to use the minor attack to allow you to choose your own strategy with the cooldowns, while you can finally come back to fight. So this is fair.

On the other side, there still are so many reasons to use wisely your 15 seconds to choose your next move:

See the opponent’s abilities and even more their cooldown period, in order to adapt your strategy
See your dinos’ abilities and choose your strategy
Calculate the armor percentage of your enemy to see if you can kill her with your attack (this is not shown when you press and hold your attack)
See if you can gain an advantage swapping your dino

Luckily, you will take a big advantage when you are facing a same dino with the same level because in this case, seen they have equal speed, who choose first the move, attack first! :+1:


I love this suggestion.