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Petition to lower the Chest Cooldown to 4 hours

The current chest waiting time is way too big and it’s absurd to wait 8 hours for nothing.
Anyone who thinks the same, please vote this thread so Ludia can see it, to reduce the waiting time to 4 hours for a Hard Chest instead of 8 hrs.


There’s also the idea of 3 chests/day and we open them whenever we wish. Like the clan limt of 3 clans per 24h.

The game asks even from a person who just joined and opened their first chest - that consists of 1 duty only - to wait for 8h! It’s too much time to wait, especially with only 1-2 duties available. It wasn’t like that when I was a newbie; while I understand the restrictions as some were opening too many chests, 8h wait is the same as no wait but daily limit of 3 chests.

Even when I tried my best to open a 3rd chest (for event or for challenge), the closest I’d come was with a few hours wait left till I could open it and me asleep in the meantime.

Exactly. I can’t open the 3rd chest because I am going to sleep and I lose it. 3 chests per 24 hours is actually a good idea. The cooldown should start with 24 hours after the 3rd chest is opened.

Come on guys, more votes on this petition please.

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Yep, we agree. Can’t guarantee more people will come even though it’s probably to their advantage. We will see