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Petition to mega nerf monolometrodon

Ahh monolometrodon that piece of junk that keeps littering the arena and made even nitro thor cower in fear,that piece of garvage better get monomimus’ed or even betwr,removed from the game


It isn’t that good,boosts te the problem

I feel like this is sarco thing again, people say they are not good but are monsters, even without boosts. They dominate skill tourneys and are monsters in PvP even without boosts(and there are multiple topics that have been shutdown pointing out why it needs a nerf). It does need a nerf, just not to the ground but a fair one since its made of 2 commons imo. But like the thor topic people say, u can’t delete it from the game, its impossible because someone will always be upset, so I just think it needs a nerf to fix that problem.


Monolometrodon needs to be a rare

No I don’t think that needs to be changed, we got dracorat as a legendary, but I just think it needs a minor nerf in areas like its resistances and other stuff. No point in changing the rarity since I’m 100% sure ludia won’t ever do anything like that


I like postometrodon because it is just cool to me. Not in stats, but in looks.

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I definitely agree that Monolometerodon needs a nerf. Though I don’t think it’s ruining the arena, and I would never think any dino should be removed from the game.


i thought this was a joke and playing off the delete thor one.


Yeah I can’t really tell, though with how intense people can get on the forum I wouldn’t be surprised if it was real.

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I suggest we remove apatosaurus and gorgosaurus while we are at it I mean 10100 hp completely insane nothing can kill it plus resilient strike and gorgosaurus is like mortem 2.0 it can’t be slowed and that ferocious strike makes it an even better revenge killer and don’t even get me started on lythronax I mean full counter?? How op can you get


How about archaeotherium ? That thing can outspeed raptor with mutual furry :scream:


Whats with this community and making monometro rare?

Hybrid raritys consist of: rare, epic and legendary. That means that 2 commons can fuse a legendary, epic or rare(also if para lux would fuse into a non super hybrid unique that would mean that 2 commons could make a unique). Plus i don’t want 2 rare lizard like synapsids they just wanted it to be legendary and thats cool.

And the community would be screaming at ludia(i don’t think they would ever do it, but i’d be one of them), cause if that means that they can just lower a rarity of a hybrid, that means that everyone who upgraded their components to high enough lvl, could easily loose coin and dna if they just a push a button and change a rarity

That would also mean that koolabor could be changed to epic, wich would mean gem would be legendary(and if i realised that i wasted 2.3k execlusive dna to lvl 20 only for the requiremnt to drop to 15 i’d freak out), same aplys for tenrex and tyrranolopho and for the 2 rats


I think I might have some idea. Originally, whenever you fused two dinos to make a hybrid, that hybrid would always be one rarity higher than the highest rarity used in the fusion (e.g. epic + common = legendary, rare + common = epic, common + common = rare). So this became a sort of unwritten rule. Monolometerodon was actually the first hybrid to break this rule: being fused from two commons, the “highest rarity + 1” rule would have made it a rare, but of course it’s a legendary. Now it’s clear that hybrid rarities are based purely on their fusion level, and the unwritten “rule” has now been broken by Monolometerodon, Dracoceratops, Grypolith (the only unique that breaks this rule), Tyrannolophosaur, Koolabourgiana, and Dsungaia (surprisingly few hybrids overall, actually). Since you mentioned the effects on Tyrannolophosaur and Koolabourgiana (and their hybrids), it seems like you understand this too.

I personally don’t have an issue with Monolometerodons rarity, and you could never go back and change it now because of all the reasons you listed. But I could see why some people might prefer it as a rare, especially if they were around when it first released.


Another day… another please remove/nerf xyz creature :joy:


This is a normal day in the forum :joy: and i come to the forum to see post like this :joy:


Before you’re starting another thread to remove a creature here are some major problems with those creatures.

  1. Boosts. Rixis, thor and metrodon are actually completely fine cretaceous but it’s the boost that turned them into monsters
  2. Dna. From my experience these creatures are receiving way to much dna. Nunda, sino, allo, monolophosaurus gen 2, einiosaurus, sarcosuchus and dimetrodon gen 2 for example are getting way too much dna and since people can’t do anything with them they’re leveling them up as high as possible

i sort of agree but at the same time a small resistance nerf would fix it.

I really dont understand your Problem a magna is stronger and better than every monolometrodon

If you nerf mono all will play magna… and then magna needs the nerf…

Learn to play then you dont ask for needs… But there are many players which have only one overpowered Thor in their teams and cry for nerfs for all other dinos Who can Kill their Thor…


im not sure if you was being satire when you said actually remove it as thats a bit over the top. at base stats its just above a normal legend. maybe if you do a minor nerf to the resistances it would be better but completely removing it is way too over the top

If they were around when it released they would probably realize how futile it of an effort changing the rarity is.

It didn’t just change the rule… it was hyped by Ludia for being a first ever with a promise of similar hybrids in future updates. Whatever unwritten rule anyone thought before that… Ludia flat out came out and said this is gonna be the way going forward. And top of all that they ran an early version of the hybrid pursuits when this launched.

  • Dimetrodon GEN 2 and Monolophosaurus GEN 2 are temporarily more likely to appear in the world. Collect these two common creatures to fuse Monolometrodon, the first Legendary hybrid using Common ingredients! Be on the lookout for similar hybrids in future updates!
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