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Petition to please make the inner range bigger/wider

It it possible to add like 5 meters to the inner range diameter? Because some strike zones/supply drops are in private places. Its hard when its the only strike zone in the area. I have been reported people and questioned by cops because getting close to a strangers house and standing outside with a phone is really suspicious. Please consider making the range a bit larger, the distance requirement for strike zones is just too close.


I would even suggest(just my opinion) that, make the strike events playable when they are within 150m range. Considering the chilly weather outside, standing at a random private place and completing 5-10 battles is very difficult.


I would support this… sometimes blue gold strikes show up on a few private roads near by and sometimes they are the only ones around for a long distance… i hate to flag them cause one of them spawns a decent amount of sino.


There is one supply drop at my home which cannot be accessed at all and mostly gold strikes tend to spawn. I’ve reported like more than 10 times. It looks like, Support doesn’t give a __ to our flags.


LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I agree with Sammie that strike events should be playable when they’re within circle range. I wouldn’t even mind if that were a VIP-only perk, as VIP could use some more perks.


This is a good suggestion. Considering i dont live in the nicest neighborhood, i have also been questioned by cops. I dont blame em, im sitting in my car by factories at night. Then i gotta tell em im there to capture dinos. Man, they should just arrest me next time.


I support this too because of the reasons mentioned above. I’m surprised no one has ever called police or even just come out of their house to demand I leave. There really is no reason I can see why supply drops and strike towers shouldn’t be accessible if there are within your drone range.


Agreed about the supply drops being flagged and they do nothing.

I’ve reported the ones where I work which are in a private industrial complex, on the road that ONLY heavy equipment traverses. There is residential nearby with no drops and lots of teenagers. We’ve had to lock the gates because of trespassers. The reported drops still are in place.

Meh. They don’t care.

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drops on private areas are still accessible to players who happen to work in those areas. Just because an area is not open to all should not mean that peope who have right to access it are deprived of drops / spawns.

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