Petition to rate the game 1 star until support improves


Ok, so the game was released with bugs. Every game is. Incubators don’t open, advertised “offers” are blatantly false advertising, supply drop points move on their own, players are using gps spoofers with no control, the arena is horrible, on and on and on… and where is support in all this? Nowhere to be seen. We wait over a week to get a generic cut and paste reply then doesn’t even answer our original question.

The game could be great, and the reason we all play is because we believe that… but support needs to be better especially when we pay money.

I want to start a petition for people to rate the game 1 Star on their respective platform (google, itunes) until support approves. It’s the only way it’s going to happen.

Leave a reply to show support for the petition… maybe if we get enough comments they will start paying attention…

Who do we contact when support doesn’t reply?
Ludia's inefficient support service might violate google developer distribution agreement
Paid but did not receive items and support not replying
Anybody get a reply from ludias support team?
Since I receive zero response from Ludia and Tapjoy support I uninstalled the game
Ticket Delay
I requested a refund for my in-app purchases and Ludia did not reply
Cannot access "old" account
Support in game is useless

Could be a solution, just afraid The game might die faster :confused: supply drops move because of player activity.


I’ve already done it and I’m totally agree with this idea


And not only support! We need compensation for indoraptor camera glitch so you can’t get fair DNA!


Totally agree 100 % not that they will listen


Totally agree. Actually, I changed my rate from 5 to 1 star few hours ago.
Also leave a new comment for how useless their support service is.

JWA got great idea and beautiful creatures 3D model. It should’t been managed like this.


I’m up for this as this game has the potential to be something spectacular but we have no signs of any developer listening to us which is incredibly disappointing


Btw, don’t forget about your friends, who play this game and don’t read this forum. Explain to them that they also can help us to make Ludia pay attention to the players. Let’s your friends also rate this game 1*


just done it myself, hopefully start the ball rolling


Supply drops dont move on their own. Ludia actually moves those for some reason.


Nah… I like the game. I’ll give it three stars.


You haven’t faced any issue that needs to be solved by support team.

Have you tried to hunt indoraptor last week? When everything was so glitch that you couldn’t collect any normal amount of DNA and nobody cared about it? You’ll see why the devs (not the game) deserves only 1*


Not to mention the fake bot lvl 15 dinosaurs accounts in battle to keep you down…why would some one with an overpowered account be at Nublar jungle? Im not stupid…


You could submit a mail to Ludia support mailbox, then see when you will got reply from real person.
This might be funny lol.

We’re just crying? I’ve even a VIP player, and bought all 1 time offer for arena and level up.
Try to stand in others’ shoes, or keep pretend nothing happened.


I have had a ticket in for almost a week now for my game crashing twice and loosing a lot of stuff.


Hi all,

Thank you for taking the time to voice your feedback. Allow us to address some of your concerns that have been stated.

  • Support Wait Time: The wait time for a support reply is currently not where we want it to be. This is due to the significant influx of players in a very short amount of time. This being said, we are working to better manage your support tickets. Improvements are coming, and our support team will answer all your tickets.

  • Supply Drops: They are subject to change/move based on Points of Interest (POI) and real-world data information. Our team is constantly working on optimizing the spawning rate of all supply drops (regular and special) so that they can co-exist without interfering with each other’s space on the map.

  • Bugs and Glitches: We’re consistently working on amending these sort of issues, and improvements will continue to be pushed with every new patch and full version.

Thank you once again for your incredible passion and support.


Must say, if you are working hard to all our report, please at least let us know the progress as soon as possible.

For example, the bugged epic showcase released twice on last Monday, shouldn’t it be an announcement?
As a victim, I think I have the right to know whether you at least noticed this problem.

Another one, for the Indoraptor glitch bug, which impact so much players, and messed up only one chance we got in the event.
You definitely must explain on your facebook, twitter, official forum (here), and give a mail in game to insure everyone could notice.

Always, not keep your game players waiting.


You do realize Thats not Why people Are rating it with 1 Star right?


lol snowflakes someone watches a lot of YouTube, niantic suffered by ignoring people who had issues with glitches or payments for coins, aslong as ludia addresses concerns that’s all I want, good game tho


Oh come on! The Indoraptor glitch WAS intentional. At least show us the respect to admit it to our face.