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Petition to remove boosts

I don’t know if there’s a topic for this but boosts have ruined the game drastically… At this point you can spend enough cash to boost a level 21 dino to be faster and more powerful than a level 30… Explain how this is practical at all?! My highest dino is 29, Thor, and I’ve spent a lot of time and energy to fuse and level him up. But someone with extra cash can buy enough boosts to make their newly created Thor better than mine? Boosts were a bad idea from the start, but making them buyable every day in the store shows that Ludia only cares about the money they are taking in… They either need to be removed or relegated to special events that occur maybe monthly. Not buyable. Remove boosts!


No there fine


So where’s the petition?

Tbh, I was very unsure what to think about the boosts when I read the patch notes.
But now I love them! So nice to buff weaker dinos by myself!
Sure, I also met some lvl 27 monsters with rank 4 boosts but these battles were pretty rare.

These boosts also make many other dinosaurs very interesting. Thanks to health, dmg and speed buff, players can battle with dinosaurs that never appeared in the arena before 1.7!

I already faced boosted Carnos, Secos, Tryos (holy crap a boosted Tryostronix is so awesome), Gorgos, etc. So nice that the teams I battle are not the same anymore! :slight_smile:

I like them that‘s why I‘d disagree. :slight_smile:


I like the boosts but tier 10 is way too much 5 tiers will be OK and please don’t had critical,armor boosts or this game will become madness


Until you face a fully boosted Thor that runs through your whole team including your level 29 Thor… Or dinos like this, this is unacceptable! This is why boosts are a problem…


Get rid of the steroids. Was a stupid idea from the get go. A once semi balanced system has turned into a who can jab the most gear into their Thor fest which gets tedious somewhere after the first encounter.


Well this is the petition…

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A petition will do nothing. Ludia intended this to become more of a pay to win game so they could squeeze every dollar out of it and they have done that. They are working to maximize revenue before the games EOL.

You need to change playing style and figure you’ll be in lower arenas from now on. It stinks, but that’s the new game. I am changing from upgrading to dinos to just boosting them now. My Apatosaurus will be unstoppable.


I think that the boosts gave the arena a certain dose of unpredictability which it desperately needed, it was all the same dinos again and again, you pretty much knew what to expect right after you saw them in battle… now, it’s very fun to guess which dino is going to be faster etc.

And when it comes to overboosting, it’s pretty much the same as the overleveled dinos from previous patches, they sometimes appear during a battle, you lose a fight, shake it off and life goes pretty much on… don’t let those few impatient people ruin your experience :slight_smile:


In upper aviary there is no such thing as an overleveled dino. More and more people are reaching this point so boosts may have been their logical next step. The problem is that it is just a pay to win fest.


That’s the problem. I didn’t sign up for a pay to win game. Being able to buy extra dna has always been slight advantage, but now you don’t need that, you can boost a freshly made dino up higher than you can by leveling it, saving coins and overtaking people who’ve actually worked towards leveling dinos the hard way…


Well, I am in there and it’s a massacre sometimes :smiley: but not all the battles are like that, I don’t buy anything for real money and I would say I get matched up with others that seem to be free players as well more often than not, or at least 50% of the time.

I acknowledge that the system is not perfect or ideal and that it does favor those who put money into the game, but I don’t think it’s so bad that you can’t enjoy the game anymore :slight_smile:

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My tryko is the same as that but one tier higher even than that on attack and health. 7100+ hp 2500+ atk :+1:t3:

Give me the petition paper! I’ll sign it down as soon I see it…

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a bit fast I would say :smiley:


boost tryostronix and magna
:wave: tryko :sweat_smile:

ya’ll need to realize that boosts are ludia’s way of trying to sell you the same game twice. because once everyone’s teams are max boosted, we are right back to 1.6, just with cenozoics.


I’ll sign the petition as well. I also suggested that maybe they can create a way to have teams with boosted dinos only battle other teams with boosted dinos. Apply the feature to the matchmaking code.

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No, it’s not.

How are you going to keep track of who signed?
How are you going to show Ludia how many signatures you have?

:man_facepalming: It’s here for people to voice their opinions and Ludias mods to read it and pass the info on. Boosts are breaking PvP.