Petition to remove boosts

Actually I could have gotten 16k for final Fantasy, BUT after doing it I was denied because Samsung had preloaded the game on the phone… So even though I started a fresh account they denied it.

As much as I would like boosts to be removed or, at the very least, make it so uniques get less benefit from them than legendaries and they get less than epics, and so forth downwards, how would they track how much to compensate those of us who have used their hard cash sales of boosts?

I don’t like 'em but I’ll be damned if I don’t use them for their intended purpose.

Well they can track sales and purchases.

I think either remove boost or give a few Dinos the ability to nullify it.

I imagine that’s where the meta is heading, the next batch of dinos in 1.8 will have some moves that can temporarily return all your dinos stats to base.

Naming suggestion - Nerfing Impact? Nerfing Rampage perhaps? But really will prolly be something more like Normalizing Impact or something I bet.

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Don’t worry everyone! the 1.7 matchmaking system will save us all! :slight_smile:

Hows that ‘uniformly levelled strike team’ of yours faring @Jorge? :slight_smile:


Just a terrible game mechanich, makes every math on the arena so unfair and enhances the greed on the pay to win BS and it’s simply not fun anymore.

Just the people that want this fature removed comment this post.

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This is stupid. The game has always been a pay to win system. There’s no way you have a level 29 Thor without spending some money here or there.

Actually I have a 29 Thor and none of it came from buying anything except coins. And I honestly don’t think I bought any coins to level him up.

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Boosts make it so that the game is
More diverse. Dinos that were typically not playable because they couldn’t match other dinos are now playable with being boosted.

But i really don’t get the complaining. The game has always been a pay to win game. The grind is slow if you’re not paying but it’s not a big deal.

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If you mean the money I spent on gas so I could go hunting for upwards of 10 to 12 hours a day for a stupidly large amount of time, then sure. This game, as a rural resident, has probably increased my carbon footprint tenfold.

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Haha. Not exactly what I meant but I suppose it counts.

As long as rating is normalised quickly, I’m not too bothered. Variety is the spice of life!

When the meta changes and the competitors around you change, you get pounded for a bit until you drop to your new rightful place and start winning 50/50-ish again.

Unless you are made of money I wouldn’t use too many stat boosts yet until the dust clears and the meta and updates settle more. You can’t unspend stat boosts after all :wink:

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I think the boost are a bit of overkill. Toned down, they would be fine.

The speed one is way out of proportion. Each speed tier should have been 1 to 3 points of speed per boost. Sure at 3 points the T-rex would make it to 132 speed at tier 10 which is on the high side or reasonable but also gives it just a little more and more of an edge in the climbing up.

As it is now with the speed boosts, a couple tiers and your literally running none boosted dinos over like a train.

Keep in mind, Ludia can nerf the boosts, very easily by changing about 3 multiplier numbers in the scripts and may if this forum light on fire like their poor 1.7 roll out.


But the problem is people aren’t boosting rarely used dinos, they’re boosting dinos that are already god like in the game…


Going to be rough to challenge this. They’re probably making some good income right now. My only thought is to slow them down. Like 1-2 a week. Or something like that. But that’s rough since everyone has already went trigger happy. Then we are just hurting the ones who didn’t yet.

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I know… There should be caps, 10 levels is outrageous. And boosts should’ve been special events only monthly or something like that.


soon everybody will have their team boosted and we’ll be back at 1.6 meta. :confused:

boosts should be temporary (x moves or x battles), not permanent to dino’s stats. or should be named stat buffs.




They should have either massively restricted boosts to be only available ONCE a day from the daily incubator…OR made them only work on Epic, Rare or Common quality dinosaurs to help make some of the lesser used ones viable in the arena!

Thor is now ruining the arena balance by being faster than all your team AND having the ability to both one shot and stun your dinosaurs.
Arena balance is now entirely absent!

While I would like to see the boosts limited to Epic or lower dinosaurs, if they need to remove the system entirely I will go with that!

Anyways, signed!


But what if you were hoping to get into the top 500 one day, which slowly leveling your team up would help with, now once your tea, is fully leveled and your rating goes up, you will start facing those who spent heaps on boosts and have literally ZERO chance of progressing!

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