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Petition to remove boosts


they won’t reset them, but they will remove them ?


Forgive me if I overlooked one sentence in a nearly 200 post thread.



Spot on.


There MUST be a way for Lydia to punch a few key strokes and SET the Speed Boost Tiers to +1, +2, +3… etc.
That’s all we really need. Health and Damage are fine boosts. Speed was what messed up the game.


A chomped like Thor or Tryko should never be faster then a raptor, Ever!


Petition to delete this thread now that boosts have been redacted and scaled fairly :smirk:


Good call !
I would happily second that motion :wink:


I got my Thor to level 27 before I became a VIP player. I did purchase coins and cash from time to time but it was a very rare occurrence.


On a side note I cancelled my VIP when 1.7 was implemented. I was hoping the maintenance today would solve my issues with 1.7 (BOOSTS) but alas. Now I’m quitting altogether.



So astute CB


Yep. Totally support scrapping boosts.


Stat boosting needs to go. This is the worse that’s happened to the game.

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What are stat boosts?