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Petition to remove swap in attacks

Enough is enough. I just lost a battle 0-3 do to a two dino swap and heal team. Rather than fix drac they decided give more dinos swap in attack and heal.

Yes remove all swap in direct hp damage attacks.


No. Things like Monostego are fine. Just kill SI rampage.


Agree on killing the swap in rampage. No dino needs that kind of power. Since DC is a ceratopian hybrid, and they got new skills, it should get a rework. replace regen with dig in and change the swap in to swap in stunning strike. Keeps it a bit more in line with its ancestry.


What happens when you face a team with 3 dinos with stunning strike and dig in?

You will most likely lose lol. I faced a team of lvl 28 rat t7, lvl 27 monosteg t7, level 29 stegod 9k health, and a level 25 erlidom recently. It wasn’t a fun match and full of only swapping around. Which would be fine if one of them didn’t have swap in rampage 2x damage.

So erlidom attack and run into monosteg then swap in a rat. Stegod was there to inhale any big hits from switching out.

It was truly boring and a little frustrating.

yeah, that’s annoying. Any immune creatures you can throw on your team? Proceratho isn’t too bad against constant swaps. Both indos are immune to stun and can break shields. Sarcorix can prevent them from leaving as long as it goes second with immobilize.

No, they are fun. Though I wouldn’t mind if swap in rampage didn’t exist.

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I have Procera and I am working on boosting erlidom and unlocking indoraptor. So, for now I am at the random mercy of getting Procera on my team loadout.

So Monostego, einias, and sinocera? That’s a pretty bad team lol. They have pitiful attack.

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I find it ridiculous that every ceratopsian has almost same moveset. Sinocera? Entry stun-armor piercing + dig in. Stegocera? Same thing. Einiasucc? Same thing. They now only have instant charge, slow impact + stun strike, ferocious strike + stunning strike to set these 3 apart.

If you are in the end game it is awful but we need to consider the balance in the levels of the arena were they will be most used.