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Petition to Replace Resilient Moves With Superiority

Tbh, with resilient moves changing to vulnerability, the creatures that are meant to counter them become obsolete. Speed reduction wasn’t the problem, it was the removal of cloak and dodge. Superiority moves are way more balanced. With Superiority moves, The other two classes can stand more of a chance. Tell me what you think down below.


It was never the cloak or dodge either it was just certain dinos in the class(Hadros and Cera) that needed a nerf


No. Resilients in general were never the problem, just a few of them that had a insane stats considering their abilities. In fact, those who were unbalanced before (like Cera and Hadros) are now more op, specially Hadros.


I think they should be precise and do decel again and leave the rest, then resilient move are perfectly balance, move wise…

Agreed. The slowing was not a problem and I’m not sure why it was seen as such. My problem was that Resilient attacks made playing cloak/dodge based creatures almost pointless.


If they did keep this change then fierce dinos need their vulnerability resistance increasing not decreasing.

An idea is that all fierce attacks could have DOT, maybe 10% to ensure that they out damage resilients(might be op not sure yet only just thought of it.)
They should decrease vulnerability to 25% again, 50% is way to high its like having a tryo battling alongside it.

The two you just mentioned were both APEX dinos. They are a higher class, so it makes sense that they have higher than normal stats. The higher the class (i.e. rare/epic/legendary/unique/apex) the bigger the stats. You wouldn’t expect Apato to be on the same level as Gemini would you? No, because that’s ridiculous so I don’t understand why people are asking nerfs for the Apex dinos.

It is easy to see why nerfs are requested for the Apex, why they are creatures that Ludia decided that only a few can obtain, while the common, rare, epic, legendary and unique are accessible to all players, the disparity breaks the game when some can get one thing and others can’t, and that reverberates in the PvP arena.

They destroy everything except for a couple dinos even dinos that they supposedly are supposed to lose to they win most of the time(Morty v Lux).:slight_smile: