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Petrosaurs... yawn


So now we have an update it’s petrosaur this petrosaur that.

So this weeks dinos now all petrosaurs…
Strike towers, all petrosaurs…

Ermmm, let’s not forget about the things we’ve been spending months grinding for DNA.

Give us an option, not just all the new crap


What do you want as an option? Are not new animals something to go for?


My god you moan about everything, you must be a riot at parties!

So to celebrate the release of the new update we have half a week focusing on Pterosaurs, I mean is it really worth all this crying?


The only thing bugging me about the pterosaurs all over is that the Green Supply Drops that were Land dinosaurs we could still spin even after we completed all our attempts.

They were replaced by more pterosaurs, which currently disable the ability to spin the Green Supply Drops when you have completed all your attempts. I have a green drop outside my office and house that are sometimes reachable, but now, unspinnable.

Fix that, and I’m cool for the events for the weekend.


You won’t be able to make hybrids of these new dinos for ages… where as most are really close to getting hybrids of others… feels like it’s gonna be even harder now


Pterosaurs everywhere…


The appearance of new dinosaurs in the game isn’t going to stop you getting the older ones. Go out looking for them. The event drops are just a bonus and most of us want the new additions to the game.


Well that’s false as stegosaurus and apatosaurus were a global spawn, I’ve been in every zone today and not 1…
Don’t know if it’s a UK thing, but it’s BS


Zoom in and spin above the birds head


Oh snap! That worked! Thank you so much, this will greatly improve my weekend.


That whole scene was my favourite from the Jurassic World movies!


I kind of agree with him on this. While new dinos are cool, I personally prefer not to get spoon fed all the new stuff like this. Its nice to celebrate their release and all, but one of the things I found most fun about this game was hunting for new dinos, especially if they’re basically worthless in battles like these pterosaurs are, so there’s no real rush to get them to get ahead in trophies.

I’d really enjoy an update that included 20 or 30 new dinos to make the hunting aspect exciting again instead of feeling like a grind. Even if the vast majority of those new dinos were junk.

Anyone else miss hunting for new dino species?


Hate to say but I also agree - its great that they are in the game (and big thumbs up to Ludia for the 1.4 update) but it should take weeks (if not months) to build them up. IGG at its worst (Instant Gratification Generation). Mine are already level 8 or above (“Alan” is 12) bar Pteranodon which I haven’t seen. Numerous strike events, dominating the events for 2 days - just overkill.

They are very cool though :wink:


how does it make it harder? everything that is normally there is still there, they just added pterosaurs. if you don’t want them, just ignore them. and if anything, there’s more stegosaurus now because they spawn at night too, at least for me.


Where are you from


Carl I don’t think it’s a ‘UK thing’ cause my stegosaurus are fine :sweat_smile:


Still seeing plenty Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus in the South West UK; just wish the zones would cycle although having Dracorex in for Spinosaurus is good in L2. At least I know where the other zones are locally.


Why have they all gone from liverpool :sob::sob::sob: no fair


Stego now has become an MUFC fan…:rofl:


Same here Glasgow has plenty of stego about the birds are just an extra bonus animal not sure how useful I’ll find them but as I’ve always said why moan when you’re getting free stuff