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Just fought one - guess which alliance my opponent belonged to. Darwin must be as common as pigeons in L5. lol


Imagine that. :confused:


You need 2,500 Darwin DNA to get the unique from 0 to 250, averaging 20/fuse.

This guy must be using a Beagle to hunt down all those Darwins :wink::wink:


What level was it?

Can we, the legit players, see some concrete action please?


Only a 21…


any good? …


Wait, doesn’t everyone’s account look like that at l18?

I mean, my erlikodominus or whatever was l33 by 18…

I’m officially on a purchasing boycott until this is taken care of.


Not really. They swapped in on my dracoceratops, which took it out.


I wish


They should definitely have enough xp from that level 27 elirmodom to be a level 20, It just dont add up!!! They need to REMOVE THE CHEATERS!!!

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21 I could understand, I had enough DNA to get my Darwin to 19 but I also didn’t dart just it during it’s week bc I wasn’t sure who would eventually get the hybrid. Ive got a good bit from strikes too though, and 2 wild from scents at park. But if you look there is a L23 and 24 in there too…


if Darwinopterus is avaialbe via purchasing incubator. I think it is possible to have all those unique around that at player level 18. I don’t mind about mastercard power even though I don’t have one enough. :stuck_out_tongue: