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Petting the Dragon

Now, I was just affectionately petting a baby dragon, and just got a crazy idea.

Now, hear me out, and if this has been said before, then I’m sorry. What if petting a baby event dragon granted trust points? I thought about how one could gradually gain the trust of a dog or a cat (or in the HTTYD universe, a dragon) with gentle touch. Obviously, general action was the quickest way to let a dragon know that you mean no harm, but that’s besides the point.

Maybe we could pet an event dragon and get 1 trust point every 20 or 30 seconds. Perhaps to prevent it from being broken, limit the amount of points we get per month, up to 60 or 70. That way, waiting for actual events would still be the best way to get the most TP.

What do y’all think about it? Too broken?


Yeah that would be interesting, but if this was implemented i’d like to see something related to the non-TP dragons as well. In dragon mania for example, once/2 hours you can get resources from your dragons if you pet them (even gems, wich are basically the runes of that game).

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No, if people want the TP they should get them when they are available and it’s already pretty easy.
Peting to get TP sounds like turning game into tamagotchi.