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Phalcon...Looking for an active alliance to join

Hi all. I am currently in an alliance with some nice people and don’t necessarily want to leave but I am hoping for an alliance with more active players. I am willing to join discord and check it at least every 1-2 days, but won’t be on it all the time. I get on the game every day, contribute to DNA share and do my share to complete goals to get higher rewards for the group as a whole. I don’t do well in the weekend games, but I make sure to get atleast the 10 “kills” for alliance points. I am at level 20 and have had upwards of 5000 trophies. I occasionally will purposely lose battles to drop tropies so that I can get DNA rewards at different tiers, but I go back up quickly. I don’t want an alliance where there are a lot of strict rules or requirements other than the regular participation, I would like a group though that can help me as much as I help others. If you think I may fit in with your group, please let me know. Thanks.

Hello im from dino Tyme world, a very active alliance with friendly people. we will 2 lvl 20 sanctuary and 10/8 alliance mission. Please answer this message if you want join Dino Tyme World. Our rules are 1. Dont place dino in Lvl 20 sanctuary, 2. Dont create sanctuary (because there is already lvl20 ) 3. 10 defeat tournament. For communication we use Fb and Discord

Hi, I appreciate your offer. Question on the sanctuary though. If your rules are that I can’t place dinos in a lvl 20 sanctuary but I also cannot create one? I just want to make sure I can use or create a sanctuary as I always have 3-4 dinos in there at a time.

MyVeryWaitJurassicfes potrebbe fare al caso tuo. leader arme #1337. se sei interessato. ti accolgo volentieri.

Translated from Italian

MyVeryWaitJurassicfes could be for you. leader arme #1337. if you are interested. I welcome you gladly.

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You don’t need create sanctuary if all dino you need already in Lvl 20 sanctuary (you will get more dna in here), except the dino you need isnt in the lvl 20 sanctuary.

What kind of dinosaur you need in the sanctuary ??