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Phantamornis. The Phantom Bird

Phantamornis is a arm-within Terror Bird, a Fusion of the Deadly Alloraptor and the Horrifying Kelenken.
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Parting word:
On Escape Carnage is a moves makes opponent don’t wanna swap! Rend 66.7% of hp when swap out is might Really much! But that to replace the Rending Takedown of Allosaurus GEN 2 and Alloraptor! And Makes sense because it is the first Unique Super Hybrid to have Regular Raptor animation! Which mean Special and Powerful.

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Cool concept but rend counter would make him a bit op


Hey dude I respect your creations, but please don’t make it a habit to ping me every time. If I click on them, I’ll click on them, thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks and Sorry :pleading_face::+1:

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Some would be well against Phantom! Like Greater Heal? Instant Distraction and Invincibility? Phantom only break shell in Passive so if u apply shell it cannot take u alot!

gorgeous, very cool, Here is my idea, ankylodoraptor! :crazy_face:

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I fear it not…but that think…
Also why it is Super Rare? What it is actually fuse from?

isn’t that indoraptor concept art? I feel like I’ve seen it before

How many times do I have to tell you @Mohammed_Johnson that you keep forgetting my name :sob: :sob: :sob:

Ankylodocus. + s-adn pyroraptor

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It is indoraptor concept art without the stegosaurid tail
Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 1.32.48 PM

Crossbreedosaurus :slight_smile: