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Phantamus Rex (Indominus Rex gen 2 + Troodon)

Ok so Troodon is about to coming in JWA on update 2.2 huh? So here i give it an Hybrid ideas! Called PHANTAMUS REX means Phantom King!!

###Phantamus Rex - Unique; Cunning; Distraction; Fast
Tier: Apex - High
Archetype: Cunning
ability 1: Adrenaline Surge
ability 2: Pounce
ability 3: Defense Shattering Rampage
ability 4: Armor Piercing Strike
Attack: 2020
HP: 4849
Speed: 132
Critical %: 25%
Distraction Res.: 100%


Why is it’s speed 180? Also, mind me making another story?

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That looks very cool :heart_eyes:


Yeah sure go ahead! Your Kapro gen 2 story is make me have a Goosebumps full of that days! So just go ahead! Would very nice if it’s a “Horror shortfilm” haha!
About speed 180! First i don’t even actually play jwa,i just asked my friend and refer the Indoraptor&Erlidominus’s stats to make the Phantamus a stats! Second! Like what i said on the post! Phantamus rex means Phantom king! If it a phantom so it need a super speed to kill one thing in silent! You agree?

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Ok. Will make the story. However, the fastest base speed is 132, so maybe 126 or 128 speed would be good.


So ok I’ll make it Maximum speed in 132

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Ok. That should work.

Dr Mohammed_Johnson looks at his available dna samples, and his team of geneticists have found a new one: Troodon. He looks at his greatest Gen 2 yet, and thinks. In his maniac mind, he plans to combine the new Troodon and his vicious Indominus Rex Gen 2 back in the mainland. He tell his team, and makes a plan.

6 months later

You are heading into your house to finish up the news and go to sleep for the night. Suddenly, you start to feel small vibrations, and then squealing. You rush to grab a rifle, and head outside. You see a child screaming, and then a monster appears. This thing looks so grotesque and unnatural you stare at to try to understand it. Its long, massive jaws have so many teeth crammed in them, it looks like it can rip a car clean in half. It has huge arms, lined with spines almost as large as you are tall. Suddenly, another scream wakes you up from your trance, and see the child is gone. You look around, but then see the beast again, and the child in its mouth. Before you can aim at its squid like eyes, it swallows the child whole. In a sudden rage and disgust, you aim at the monster, but then you see it turn to you. It stares for a moment, and start to walk. You shoot it, but it merely flinches. Fearful, you look one last time at the beast, and hit its eye. The beast roars in pain, and you see it disappear right in front of you. You know its near, but then you decide to try to hide in the woods. You think," No beast that big can maneuver into such a tight area." Then, you feel it clamp around your waist. You scream and shoot as it lifts you up, and throws you in the air. You say," Please make it quick" right as it catches you again, and cuts you in half. Screaming one last time, you feel dizzy, and in the last moment you see is the beasts stomach, ready for more.

Realizing how well the Phantamus Rex was doing on the mainland, he called for the rescue teams to recapture it. One of his newer scientists starts to question him on why they are doing this, and Mohammed_Johnson simply looks at him. He then states," My business is not of your concern. Do you want to get feed to the Troodons? They like a good chase." After that, the scientist stops talking, and quickly gets away, fearful for what may happen next.

Hope y’all like it! I can make it from the view point of Phantamus Rex, if y’all want.


With Phantamus Rex, I would switch up ability 1 and 4. Also, maybe 4400 health instead of 4849 and 1800 damage instead of 2020, unless you made the stats for the maximum level you can make a dino at.

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Aw man!! Seem like your story are much better than my Art LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:!!!Great Story!!!

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Thanks. I based the story off of the art. Your art is amazing! Keep it up!
Was there anything you disliked about the story?


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Its turning into an interconnected series. This is the second one.

How did you like Mohammed_Johnson’s drawing?

Good :+1:

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@Mohammed_Johnson would you like the side of the story from Phantamus Rex?

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Nice but troodon isn’t the jptg

What is JPTG? Ive seen that a lot recently. Is it Jurassic Park The Game?

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Looks like one of my experiments.