Phase 2 of JWTG

So, while the servers are down, it is a good time for me to ask you guys some questions about the “second phase” of the game, as I like to call it. And with second phase, I mean the part of the game when u reach the point that just normal legendaries at lvl 40 aren’t enough anymore.
So was wondering the following:

-The legendaries you get plenty by completing the events… but how you get a good hand on a decent amount of Hybrids? U can’t win them as far as I know, the trade harbor never gives them for a non VIP player, so the only way to get them is by buying them for DNA in the market… This however is a real punch in your DNA stock, so it is really slow to expand your hybrids…

-What you do with all the legendaries that are left over after you have made a hybrid from it? It feels like a bit of wasting resources to level this guys up as they wont become strong enough at lvl40, and creating a second hybrid out of them, isnt the most economical i guess?

I still hatch them and I still use them to make hybrids. I think that in the end this is cheaper than buying all hybrids for DNA.
I’ve got many lvl 40 Shunosaurus, Pteranodon, Dimorphodon, Scaphognatus and Therizinosaurus which are very valuable meatshields in tournaments.
And I still have a (useless) goal for me in this game which is filling all paddocks to their maximum.


@Tommi is spot on and it depends on your goals. I am currently not focused on standard legendaries and have different short term goals than @Tommi. However long term I also want to see my paddocks full. So for now when I get a standard legendary if I have an open hatchery pod I will drop it in, but if I get a trade for it in the trade harbor for something other than coin it gets traded. Hybrids are expensive, try to take advantage of the few discounted times a week to purchase them and you will slowly grow your bench of creatures. The only way to really speed up your progress is to throw real money at the game, so again depends on your goals and how you want to approach things.

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Thnx, my goal is not spending money, and getting a strong and wide enough bench to reach (and stay) in the dominator league, where I can get some tournament dino’s.

@Tommi, is it ever been compared? The time and effort raising another legendary to lvl40 (the food for leveling, the DNA for the hatchery and incubators and the Time it takes - versus - Buying another hybrid for DNA?

Since my decision is to hatch them either way I definitely save a lot of DNA.
Time is a strong reason against it, but a strong Hybrid takes a week to hatch. In summary hatching and evolving 8 legendaries takes much longer, but not at once and speed ups are cheaper for them.
Furthermore I do not have any food problems for months now.

Without calculating it through my feeling is that making hybrids out of legendaries is more expensive if you take into account all resources, I just like it that way.

In the end I think it mainly depends on what each of us prefers.

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I don’t know that I have overly much to add here, but wanted to second opinions. It really is just a lot about what you want to get out of the game. My game interests are pretty similar to @Tommi. Besides the VIP membership, I don’t want to spend money, I want to have all of the dino’s unlocked, complete daily missions and tournaments and max out my paddocks. I’ve only in the last few months been trying to be strategic about making my lineup more balanced. From my years of just collecting dino’s, I always have enough to finish everything - even if not the most logically built up.

As for regular legendaries, I actually use a ton of them in tournaments. They usually are either my first as a meat shield or my last to build up enough reserve to finish the last dino. My middle one is something a bit higher to really help. But because I use those legendaries so much, I am always making them. Also hatch out the 7-day ones whenever they come along as well.

I only spend DNA on the Thursday discount time.

Hopefully this added at least something that is useful for people!


The hybrid definitely is cheaper than the cost of all the copies of the dinos used and their hatching and evolution fees… it’s a bit harder to determine when you are only using copies you earn in the game and don’t buy, but with all the retries legendaries require it wouldn’t surprise me if they still cost more and took more time.

I personally almost never do it since I am still working to maximize my coin production more, the additional copies also improve the DNA you get from Code 19s, etc. I do take DNA or DB trades for ones that I have a lot of copies of, as my stash gets higher faster than I hatch them out currently. And as mentioned, the legendaries certainly aren’t worthless. They also come in handy on those days where we are getting a bunch of Jurassic PvE along with a boss event and tournament. Personally, I would hang onto them if you are still a player evolving in the game.


Non-VIP here, so that fact will influence my answer.

To answer your question immediately, I hatch all my legendaries to two level 40s, one of which then becomes the new hybrid.

After that, I do not hatch any more of that species of legendary creature. I typically trade that legendary creature card for loyalty points as my daily custom trade. I only get one as a non-VIP. VIPs get three… oh, wait, right, there’s that bug where they don’t any more… (do you sense the snarkiness?).

As for how I get DNA, I have never lacked for DNA. I have no DNA production facility, and I currently have over 110K DNA. Between the daily events, occasional PVP, etc., I have plenty. Two more reasons why: first, I almost never rush anything I hatch. So when your creatures take a week to hatch, that’s a long time to let DNA accumulate before you buy any more (also, I only buy creatures when the discounts happen). Second, now that I have almost every common, rare, and super rare creature leveled to 40, whenever I get a “free” card, that creature goes into my first hatching pod and then is sold as soon as it’s hatched. I only trade common, rare, and super rare cards in the trade harbor for either dinobucks or DNA. So my first hatching pod has essentially become a DNA factory.

If it helps, here’s how my game evolved. It was a little over a year before I could finish in Dominator. After that, it was about ten months where I could finish in Dominator, but I had to launch battles every six to eight hours, as often as my creatures were ready for cool-down. So I was averaging maybe six to ten “grind sessions” per tournament. Only now (a little over two years later) am I at the point where I have a deep enough bench to play and securely rest at the top of Dominator without exhausting every dinosaur I have as soon as its cooldown clears.

Don’t rush the game. Enjoy it. No matter how much collecting and grinding and farming you do, the game will always release newer and bigger dinosaurs faster than you can keep up (without pumping some real money into it). After all, freemium games have to get paid somehow besides ads. In fact, I now find myself sometimes not enjoying the game. Seeing as how all my hatch times are almost a week long, and my evolutions are around eight to twelve hours a pop, I go long periods in the game with nothing to do and sometimes even forget to check in. PvP isn’t as fun as it used to be; the lousy rewards on the prize wheel, including the modded PvP, aren’t worth it. You can get creature cards, S-DNA, and DNA from the modded PvP, but I get the stupid 40 DNA or the dumb Kaprosuches, Aerotitans, Suchomimuses, etc., often enough that usually I play one or two rounds of modded PvP and then call it a day.

Really long answer, but I hope there’s something helpful in all that. Long and short, play the game; have fun. Dinosaurs are cool almost any way you look at them. Enjoy what Ludia has kindly produced for us and don’t feel pressured to keep up with Joneses or have them all.


It’s so interesting to see so many different approaches to the game. As I read your post I thought to myself that you are right (as always) with anything you wrote.
But at the same moment I realized that this could not be my way to have fun in the game. And this is absolutely ok as long as each of us enjoys his strategy in the game.


I’ve been playing since the game launched and so whenever a new hybrid or dino came out, I bought it, fused it, hatched it, etc.

I never faced the daunting task of choosing which hybrid to evolve. Of course I didn’t always participate in tournaments which is why I don’t yet have every dino in the game, some tourney-hybrids included.

The best path I could recommend is hatching and fusing what you can. If you managed to get 2 dinos to lvl 40 and can be fused together, do it, as long as they don’t power creep your roster and make battles too difficult.

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More information that you didn’t ask for but I hope might be helpful:

If you’re wanting DNA, farm weekend events. World bosses are great places to get DNA.

Tournaments are another great place to get DNA. Tournament prize wheels have the highest chances for a DNA prize: a little over 50%, whereas Modded PvP and regular PvP prize wheels are around 10-15%. Of course, you also usually get DNA from the card packs you could win. In Modded PvP, if you play my way (hatching and immediately selling won creature cards), that’s also DNA in the bank, though it takes time to “hatch” it.


I agree, bosses are a great source of DNA and S-DNA. Also , I will add that stage battles are very useful too . @Belboxtel I don’t know your level but don’t forget the notable amount of DNA you can gather from them . As you level up you will get more and more DNA .

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Currently, I am now at lvl 72… while reading all above, my play style comes close to that of hansolowannabe… I always buy creatures on a discount, and try to hatch as much as possible… all 4 hatching pods are working 24/7…and never miss a daily battle, quest or mission. I feel right now for me the loyalty point are the most valuable currency, because the vip dino’s are the shortest way to getting into dominator league as fast as possible… however, my current bench isn’t strong and wide enough, and the lvl 40 legendaries give me a hard time getting there…

When strong enough for dominator, it gives another boost to the hard to get creatures…so, I feel for now, that is my main goal…

BUT!! I must say, no matter how I play, and what Dino I receive or unlock… it is still a lot of fun to play… was just curious about how all of you play after reaching this point.