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Phasing dinosaurs

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Bug Description:

On odd occasions when fighting in the Arena, either my creature or my opponents will fade (as though using cloak) and flicker like a transparent hologram. Once this happens it seems to last until a new creature comes into play by that player.

Area is was found in:


How do you reproduce the bug:

Don’t know. It just happens in the Arena battles from time to time.

How often does it happen:

It happens rarely. Probably every several matches.

What type of device are you using:

Galaxy S10.

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

If it happens again, I’ll try and get a screenshot.

Thanks for reporting this to us, Colin_Goodman! If you’re able to grab a screenshot of this issue, please email it to our team here at It will really help with their investigation.

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I certainly will do the next time it happens.

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They look anything like this?

Its just Ludia’s version of shinies :joy:

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Almost, but in the Arena not on the map.

nah its the new invisible cloak that activates when a dinosaur spots a dna hunter coming, they instantly enable the invisible shield making them totally transparent so the hunter cant see them until they suddenly pop up out of no where to grind them into the dust of the jurassic era.!. lol