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Philosoraptor OP?😂 Add more "Defensive" motivators #AdminGodZ?


See attached shots. Loving the game so far can’t wait to get money on a card and invest a bit into you’re hard work @googlemaps etc etc! Sorry riding my board and collecting DNA future days here in the great city of Los Angeles! #Dodgers play Saturday at home but I’mma wear Atlanta (Braves) head to toe while playing #JurassicWorldAlive I think? Much love, headed home to bed but keep seeing supply drops and Dino’s everywhere! -S.S

Much peace and love. Watch for me on the PGA tour this fall and side note : I’m applying for a Universal Studios Marketing position so…yea… let’s make the world more fun and safeR. :raised_hand::busstop::hugs:


“Don’t Advertise, solicit, beg, auction, raffle, sell or post referrals”


Copy that thank you @jws51203