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Phil's iPhone 6 Very Detailed Crash Reports

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Ever since the 1.7 update, my application has crashed and lagged numerous times. At first i thought it was just the game working through the update or just a normal crash or lag here or there.

This has been horrible and border line unplayable. i get minimum support from within the application support and more or less been called a liar. So with that said i’ve been taking detailed notes of every crash my game has had June 1st and specifically June 02, 2019. Below are the messages i’ve contacted support each and every time my game crashed and details regarding my iPhone and more.

I hope this helps and please don’t brush this aside.

Application Version: 1.7.36
Device: iPhone 6
iPhone Software: 12.3.1
iPhone Model #: MQ422LL/A
Network: TFW
Carrier: TFW 36.0.1
iPhone Capacity: 32GB

So i have followed the troubleshooting steps numerous times provided by support, numerous times. Sometimes i feel that they don’t know what to say, so they just send the same troubleshooting steps EVEN if you have told them in your initial message that you have done them by specifically stating it. it’s like they don’t read your message.

I have performed and do the following:
-completely uninstalled and reinstalled the JWA application.
-updated my iPhone to the most current version.
-updated the JWA application to the most current version.
-toggled airplane mode on/off for 10 seconds to re-establish a connection.
-reset the network settings completely on my iPhone.
-performed a hard reset to the phone.
-turned the phone off and back on.
-while i play the JWA application i do not have any other applications on my phone running.
-when i am at home i am connected to my wifi network.
-at home i have switched between 2G & 5G wifi as well as turned wifi off and used my service.
-when i leave my house i turn wifi off on my phone so that it does not constantly search for a signal.
-i have disabled the sound effects and music on the JWA application.
-i do not play the game in power save mode.
-i have deleted photos, videos, and applications on my iPhone to free up space.
-my service bars are full or down 1 majority of the time.
-almost thrown my phone :smiley:

my game will crash during the following:
-view a creature.
-open a scent and tap the first creature that pops up.
-mid battle.
-spinning supply drops.
-walking or riding.
-switching between tabs.
-drone launch screen.
-drone return screen.
-viewing scent menu.
-trying to watch an ad to speed up an incubator, all time lengths of incubators.
-no apparent reason whatsoever on different screens, map, alliance, scent, creature collection.
-fusing creatures.
-probably others i’m not recollecting at the moment.

Here is my detailed time and date of each crash.


June 01, 2019
11:45am - sitting at home on wifi. i tried watching a 15 minute incubator a few seconds after activating it. The game crashed to the home screen of my phone. I had just watched a 3 hour incubator that was under 12 minutes and it worked fine.

11:53am - i was able to rewatch the ad on my 15 minute incubator which was around 7 minutes left. I was able to open it and receive my rewards.

8:55pm - tried watching a 3 hour incubator to open early. Game froze and crashed before even showing the ad. it had about 8 minutes left. I was at the local Kroger shopping and the service on my phone was fine. i had wifi turned off while i was away from the house so it would not try to look for a signal.

8:57pm - i tried to watch the 3 hour incubator that crashed my app in the message above and it worked fine.

8:58pm - I set a 15 minute incubator and waited a few seconds and tapped watch and it crashed my app to the home screen. It did not show the ad before crashing. i tried to watch the incubator again and it worked fine.

9:41pm - at home on wifi, relaunched the game after getting home and connecting to wifi. tried to tap on the epic Darwin to level it up in my collection and the game crashed. i did not see the dinosaur, it crashed on that weird blue pedestal screen that the dinosaur appears to stand on.

9:53pm - at home on wifi sitting on the couch. i was fusing dna on stegodeus and nodopatosaurus. once i was finished with that i tapped the map screen and the app crashed to the home screen.

10:55pm - i’m at home connected to wifi. I’m in alliance chat and just sent a message. i switched to view my alliance members list and it wouldn’t scroll down then the app crashed to the home screen of my phone.

June 02, 2019
8:36am - at home connected to wifi. did a fresh relaunch before starting the game this morning. I checked the alliance chat, sent a few messages, donated dna, rejected a few request to join, sent another message in alliance chat, went to the map and spun 5 supply drops, tapped the common dilophosaurus and the game crashed to the home screen of my phone.

8:46am - still at home on wifi. went to the battle screen and was going to speed up and watch the ad on the remaining 12 minutes of my 8 hour incubator. The app crashed to the home screen of my phone once i tapped the 8 hour incubator. I didn’t get into the incubator screen to even tap on watch.

9:05am - at home on wifi. game crashed when i launched on a rare ornithiomimus on the drone launch screen. i had just completed 3 battles and went to the map to spin supply drops but decided to shoot the rare first.

9:10am - at home on wifi. game crashed to the home screen mid battle. i killed one creature then they did swap in dracoceratops and before it hit me the game crashed. I relaunched and it took me back into that battle. After the battle i immediately contacted support.

10:08am - i collected my free 200 hard cash reward for the anniversary. I went back to the map and tried to launch on a Para. The game froze and crashed to the home screen of my phone. The point of crash was on the drone launch screen. I had completely closed and relaunched my application after the 10am eastern time zone daily reset to assure everything would run smoothly, no other apps open on my phone.

10:12am - after relaunching and sending the last message i shot the Para that crashed my app in the last message. I then donated a hit of Suchotator to an alliance member then went to my creature collection screen and tapped on Suchotator because I was going to fuse more to donate. The game froze and crashed to the home screen before I saw the creature. it was on the blue load screen before the creature pops up.

10:16am - after sending the above message to support, i went to the map and shot another Para different from the one that crashed my app a few minutes prior. Then i went to fuse more Suchotator dna. I tapped suchotator in my creature collection and the game crashed to home screen before showing the creature. It was the blue load screen again, the pedestal screen as i call it.

10:59am - at home on wifi. spun my supply drops around my house from sitting on the couch. Then went to view who requested to join my alliance and the game crashed to the phone’s home screen.

11:14am - sitting on the couch at home on wifi. the game crashed once i tried to launch on an apatosaurus next door.

11:56am - i spun supply drops, shot a dino or 2, and wrote a few messages in alliance chat. Then i went to speed up and watch my 3 hour incubator. It had 13 minutes and 13 seconds left. i tapped watch and it went back to the battle screen showing all my incubators then the game crashed to the home screen of my phone. I relaunched and contacted support then tried to watch the incubator ad again to speed it up.

12:17pm - i’m sitting in a parking lot and just spun lots of supply drops and tapped the gold strike tower. The animation came up to zoom into the tower. It froze and crashed to the home screen of my phone. Once i left my house i turned wifi off so it isn’t searching for a signal and i had full service bars on my phone. The game crashed at the end of my street so i had to relaunch then too. After sending this message i was able to fight the strike tower with no issue.

12:27pm - game crashed to home screen after spinning a green supply drop. I relaunched the app and received the “missed rewards” and the coins i didn’t receive from the supply drop. Still had good service bars.

1:13pm - sitting at a park that’s not considered a park in the game for some reason. I activated a 5 minute scent. I tapped on the spawned Nundasuchus and the game crashed to the home screen. My phone service was good.

1:17pm - Still using the 5 minute scent. I missed the first Nundasuchus due to the game crash and contacting support and walking. I was walking the trail and was able to shoot the rare bird Scap…. Then another Nundasuchus spawned, i tapped it and the game crashed to the home screen again.

1:21pm - Spun a few distant supply drops and tapped a common Dilophosaurus and the game crashed to the home screen from the drone launch screen. I had good service bars.

1:30pm - Same location as last few messages. tapped a common Dilophosaurus and the game froze and crashed to the home screen from the drone launch screen. I relaunched and contacted support.

1:34pm - Still in the same spot. Shot the common Dilophosaurus that crashed my game in the last message. I wrote a message to m alliance then went to fuse some Suchotator dna. The game froze on the pedestal screen and crashed to the phone’s home screen. I relaunched and wrote support.

1:38pm - Lost service after last message spinning supply drops. Received reconnect error 10010. I was going to share a screenshot of my phone service but the attachment in the game kept cropping that part of the pic out. Rest assure, it was full service bars.

1:52pm - Did a few battles and went to the map and spun a supply drop. The VIP ad popped up and froze and crashed my app to the home screen of my phone. relaunched and sent support this message.

2:42pm - Had been spinning supply drops. Tapped on an apatosaurus and the game crashed to the home screen. i relaunched and contacted support this message.

2:44pm - After sending the above support message i went back to the map and tried to launch on a rare Dimetrodon and the game crashed to the home screen of my phone.

2:47pm - After sending the last message, I went back to the map and tried to shoot the rare Dimetredon but it was gone now, wasn’t too happy about that. So i tried to launch on an apatosaurus. The game crashed to the home screen of my phone.

2:52pm - As soon as i sent that last message i went back to the map. That rare Dimetrodon appeared again. I tapped on it and you guessed it, the app crashed again to the home screen.

3:11pm - I opened my 3 hour incubator that was ready. then i tried to watch a 15 minute incubator to speed it up. It had about 6 minutes left on it. I tapped watch and the app crashed to the home screen.

3:19pm - after sending the last message to support, i was able to watch the 15 minute incubator. This was the second attempt. They seem to always work the second time after crashing the app the first attempt. I did a battle and i activated the 3 hour incubator that i had won. then i went to the map. I tried to launch on a common Irritator and the game crashed to the home screen of my phone. I relaunched and sent this message.

3:29pm - Did a battle and went back to the map. i tried to launch on a distant common Irritator (different from the one above.) My app crashed to the home screen of the phone.

6:12pm - Sitting at a gas station’s parking lot looking at the map and the game just abruptly crashed to the home screen. I relaunched and contacted support.

6:19pm - i am in the court of my subdivision, i tap on a common Monolophosaurus and the app crashes to the home screen of my phone.

6:24pm - At home tapped on a different Monolophosaurus and the app crashed again tot he home screen.

6:28pm - After darting the common Monolophosaurus that crashed my phone in the last message, i went to the battle screen and tried to open my 3 hour incubator that was ready. The app crashed to my home screen of my phone.

7:31pm - was forever in my help & support menu reading and retyping all these messages. Went back out and viewed my support key and app version. then shot an apatosaurus, spun a green supply drop, then an orange, opened my 3 hour incubator that crashed my app an hour ago. Then went to check to make sure i had no 5 minute scents before the 8pm coin reset. my app froze and crashed to the home screen of my phone from the scent menu.


June 02, 2019 all eastern time zone times. I went on a walk around the neighborhood with my girlfriend and my dog. Her app did not crash once. She has an older Samsung phone. Only one of these I saw my service was not great but I didn’t receive the reconnect screen and error code just the crashes. I did however have to reconnect a few times in different areas but not at the time of my app crashing.

8:43pm - epic Ankylosaurus crash launch screen

8:47pm - Suchomimus launch screen crash

9:13pm - Suchomimus launch screen crash

9:18pm - common dilo launch screen crash

9:27pm - spun orange supply drop froze on coins received crashed to all black screen.

9:47pm - back home on wifi. Viewed alliance chat then went to map and app crashed to home screen.

10:35pm - I’m at home sitting on the couch connected to WiFi. I had just spun 4 supply drops, shot 2 raptors, shot a tarb, donated a few hits of diplotator, then went to fuse more. Once I tapped the diplotator in my creature collection, the app froze on the blue pedestal screen before loading the creature in the app then it crashed. Relaunched and sent support this message.

10:51pm - At home on WiFi. Everything was going well. Spun some supply drops gave some dna in my alliance sent a few messages in chat. I then decided I should use my 5 minute scent before I end up getting both out of the supply drops then get a 3rd from a free incubator I won’t be able to collect. So I open the 5 minute scent. I tap on the raptor once it spawns. I wait a few seconds before tapping launch. Then my app crashes to home screen from the drone launch screen. I relaunched and shot my raptor before it disappeared and finished my scent before contacting support.

11:00pm - While writing the message above. Sitting at home on WiFi. My app crashed to the home screen. I thought I was going to lose the message I was typing to support but luckily it saved it. Something good about the game. Relaunched and began typing my 11pm message.

I will try and provide more crash times and dates moving forward, but i play sometimes at work and it is hard to write it all down because i work on a production line that does not stop moving.



Now that’s a thorough bug report.

As far as I’m aware, the latest update adressed iphone 6 & low ram issues. If that didn’t fix it for you: Honestly, if you’ve got that much love for the game and so many problems, I suggest you get yourself a (cheap) android, because I don’t think your issues will be resolved anytime soon.


it is very frustrating to say the least playing this game everyday. and my girlfriend wants to kill me for complaining while we play as much as i want to kill the game playing it lol!

somehow or another i manage to get all my coins and all my hard cash and i get my epics or however many of the other event ones i’d like to each week.

battling is bad, but not in the since so much of lags or crashes but more of it just being the stat boost and i don’t use it. i just hate battling anymore. i’m glad the game isn’t laggy for me in that aspect to top it off.

but yes i thought the latest update would fix this issue with the iPhone 6 crashes, but obviously from my report you can see it did nothing for my phone. last weekend was so bad i couldn’t even make myself go out to shoot the stegosaurs and that killed me. i shot my epics though.

i’ve asked support if my iPhone is not compatible and they never answered, so i looked at compatibility and it says it should be fine.

if i switched from apple to google, i don’t think i could load my player profile. last year in the beginning, my phone was getting a new screen and i couldn’t play so i downloaded it on my girlfriends phone. but once i got my phone back i couldn’t log in to my account. i assumed it was because she was samsung and i was apple. maybe things have changed?

I know for a fact, that people are using the same account on both apple & android.

Probably synced through facebook connect.

Ah that’s possible. I do not have a Facebook so that may explain that. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the detailed report, @Phil! Our team is working on a fix for this. :slight_smile:


@Ned Thanks for the reply. Do they need my support key to further investigate my account?

Our team is working on a fix for the iPhone crash issue. However, if you want our team to take a closer look at your account, you’ll have to send your support key over to them here at

I hope that helps!

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This has been pretty much my experience too, I have an Iphone 6 with 64gb. I think that over the past two weeks I have managed to successfully dart about 5 creatures without it crashing. Sometimes the map screen doesn’t even load properly before crashing. It was especially frustrating over the weekend with the trexes all over the map, I think I managed to dart a single one.

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…which is fine, as long as you don’t mind starting over completely. Unless you are signing in with Facebook rather than the Mac Game Store (or the Google Play Store on Android), you cannot bring your iOS team over to Android and vice versa.

This happened to me, back in December. Just as I had to let my phone insurance lapse, my phone more or less flew out of my hands (no idea how it happened) and as luck would have it, it landed not on any of the patches of snow, but rather on one very hard exposed piece of concrete, after bouncing off the railing on my front porch. Completely shattered the screen, making it impossible to unlock, or even shut off a daily reminder alarm. It was devastating. I could barely afford a cheap LG. Very hard to go from L19 Suchotator, L20 Allo, L18 Tarbo… to newbie with not even a single dino. I try not to think how much more developed my team would be if I hadn’t had to lose about a 5 month investment of time, building that 1st team.

I’m about ready to get myself an iPod Touch (much cheaper than an iPhone, and basically an iPhone without the actual phone part) and tether it to my LG so I can reconnect with my original team again. I miss it.

If you were going to switch devices, I would recommend an iPod. I think it’s a faster chip than the iPhone 6, which (hopefully) means it won’t suffer so many crashes, and as long as you can tether your iPod to your iPhone you should be able to keep the same team I think.


Oh my geez that’s thought out…

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Ouch! I feel for you there. I noticed when I first started the game this issue. I don’t have Facebook and I used my girlfriends Samsung because like you I shattered my screen. While they were fixing it I wanted to play so I made an account on her phone and we would walk and switch accounts lol annoying. The when I got my phone I couldn’t log in because google play isn’t on Apple ID Game Center. It sucked but it was only a few days playing luckily. But someone mentioned above you could switch devices with a Facebook account. Didn’t know then. Thanks for your info too about the iPod tether. Not a bad idea but I can’t afford anything at the moment. Especially just for a free app. But I would like to play not being so frustrated.

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I think it’s very likely that an update caused problems with the IPhone 6, it’s far inferior to the IPhone 7 and above. I can’t dart on my 6+ but I can play my second account on Android with no problems other than a little glitching on a second hand 6 year old Google Nexus

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Well I received my generic response from the in game support. You know the troubleshooting steps that I told them I had already tried numerous times. Then I’m told they are working on a fix. They didn’t care to investigate my account even though I provided detailed information with time and date. Had I not given that information they would’ve asked for it to “buy” time of a week to respond with some other irrelevant question to a dead ended “rest assured” response. What a joke. Notice how support has not asked for my support key or expressed any concern to look into why my account is doing this? Maybe support should play on iPhone 6. Have a great time doing that.

Hey Phil, I can understand your frustration. As this is a known issue and our team is still working on a fix for this, those are likely the best solution they could give at the moment until the next upcoming update. We do appreciate the information you’ve provided for us, however.


Phil, I have the same problem that is going on with my game, I pay for VIP but it’s very frustrating that I can’t play the game and enjoy it, either I am going to college on the bus, or car I can’t even do the theme event dinosaurs, can’t catch them, can’t collect them, I can’t really participate in the group to get a incubator. I felt it was my videos or photos but it’s the game server… I guess, but reading what you stated Phil, I really have a comment problem as you do. I really hope Ludia fix this issue, because I pay 10$ a month for VIP but the game always lags and it’s not the WiFi, because I have 4-5 bars. So I hope you guys make sure this issue is fixed. Plus the locations of the Incubators on the map, around my area incubators are far away and no where near me, which is ridiculous. Please fix these issues Ludia😔.


I feel for you brother. Luckily my game is the worst on Saturday’s when I’m trying to find stegosaurs and Darwin. Makes me so mad. I look forward to it all week and the last weekend and a few before were just horrible. One Saturday I didn’t even go out and play it was so bad.


I did the first 2 but I didn’t use a third party app like you’ve suggested. However Ludia did something and the game has been running a lot smoother the last few updates. Thanks for the help though.

Do you have an IPhone 6s then? 6 is no longer supported by apple. The latest IOS version is for 6s and higher.

I guess. When I go to settings it says iPhone 6 but maybe it is an s. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a new phone.