Phone overheating


I do love the massive update. But I think it’s causing stress on my phone. Only very hot days does my phone get this hot playing and it’s under 70 degrees, not above 90, it’s also 3:30am, not 3:30pm. My phone hasn’t said it’s shutting the app down yet, but it’s gotten very warm and drained 40% of my battery in less than an hour, it did this before, but not this much.


Have you considered… Chilling out?


I thought the same thing, I turned the AC on, didn’t help.


I had same issue. Click on your level top left. Then settings. Then power saver. It’s tells you only to use it if phone over heats. Solved issue for me.


what kind of phone are you using?


I’m using Honor 10.
Heat was noticeable after 30 minutes at night.


I’ve had this since I started playing JWA. I also get a notification that the game is taking up a lot of battery power in the background (I’ve only had that message a couple of times before and that was for PoGo, but I receive it constantly for JWA).