Phone overheats since update - anyone else have this problem?

Sinde the update, my phone is having a tough time with the game, and even if I am just playing for a few minutes, it overheats my phone and causes the game to lag even more than it already does. Anyone else have this issue? It’s ONLY this game btw - everything else seems fine for the most part.

Haven’t noticed. Don’t think im on for more than 90 seconds at a time.

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Hi there WhiteWolf1211! If you don’t mind, please reach out to our team at with some information about your device. They’ll be in a position to investigate.

I’ve noticed the same thing! Within minutes of starting the game my phone starts to overheat causing an even more severe lag than what I’ve been dealing with for over a month now. Even putting battery saver on immediately after starting the app doesn’t help at all anymore. I’m so sad that these issues have gotten so bad it’s almost impossible to play anymore. I was really hoping the horrendous lag and overheating would have been fixed by now.


Doesn’t happen with mine. Is your phone an model that may be known to be a bit slow?

I haven’t noticed mine heating up, but I have noticed since the update it chews through battery faster than usual. Like today I somehow sucked through about 20% just spinning the stops around me (7 or 8 of them, something like that) and visiting the alliance chat for a minute or two. This really shouldn’t be doing this, maybe if I was doing strike towers and darting yeah, but not little things like this.

Iphone 7 - nothing else does this to my phone… well sometimes facetime if it’s hours long talk.

oh haha forget battery - that won’t last for more than 45 min with this game

Have noticed this too on iphone XR. I thought it was because I was battling more to do one of the monthly tasks but it is definitely making my phone warm and draining the battery much faster.

Ludia bugs are actually breaking the fourth wall and gonna make the poor dude’s phone explode

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I feel like they must test the game on nasa computers :joy:


Yup. Same here. I have an iPhone 11 and it happens quite often. Battery drains at an ungodly rate. Phone gets not hot but really warm and then everything lags terribly. I literally have to close the game down and let the phone sit for a while before I can play again. Super annoying.

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I had this issue in the past last year, but it was resolved after a couple of updates. I did take the phone into the Applestore and had them do a hard factory reset, but it still heated up after. This time it was a direct result after the update. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, made sure my phone was up-to-date, etc. It’s possible my phone is too old of a model to handle this game? if that is the case, then idk what to do :joy: Am I playing a dinosaur game on a dinosaur phone? :rofl:

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My phone gets so hot, you’d think I was living in Phoenix, AZ again (you couldn’t use a phone outside for more than a few minutes in the summer without the phone warning it was overheating… several times I had to put my phone in the freezer lol - don’t do that btw - it can actually cause condensation if you are not careful). However, I moved back to a MUCH cooler climate and am no longer in the sweltering heat, and my phone gets so hot you’d think I was in the desert sun :laughing:

My phone has always overheated by playing this game more than 15 minutes.

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maybe the two of us need to start a gofundme for new phones :rofl:

TBF JWA is the only app that causes my phone to overheat this much. Unless you count 2 hours of facetime.

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Yeah me too.
I played multiple games on this phone and none even came close to overheat my phone but somehow JWA does that.

I have an old iPhone 7 where I used to play and it always got so heated even before the last updates. My theory is that it must have something to do with the phone since a newer version of android does not experience this, well maybe slightly. I do miss darting on iphone7 though, seems to be more precise and one gets better control.

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I have the same issue with my iPhone 7 Pluses.
They are fine till the ambient temperature hits around 78 degrees.
Soon the screen automatically dims (I have screen brightness on manual so I know when that happens its getting too hot) and the other soon follows.
At that point the windows go up and the AC goes on.
Once they cool the unplayable lag returns to the Ludia lag.

Neither of my Galaxy S10’s have the overheat lag just the usual Ludia lag.
They do however get hot.

Actually, my phone heats up after any app was online. Uh so its ye its time for my phone to go to bits after playing some PUBG

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