Phorurex and Scorpio getting real old to me

Is anyone else getting really sick n tired of Phorurex and Scorpios? I am so tired, bored, angry with the same stupid things. Swap to Phoruruex, swap to Scorpios. Almost every match will feature one of these at some point. And what’s really irritating is how good Phorurex is (not OP, but very good), when Ludia basically gave him away to everyone in the tourny. I worked my butt off, and dedicated myself to getting it to 30. Then, poof, Ludia gave it away the next month and everyone has one. So frustrating to see same things every match. And it’s the same complaint as its been for years now, so I dont trust Arena will get better. Therefore my hope, and desire to play has been fading
Oh, same goes to the Apex. It’s old news now, but I worked my tail off to get them, only for Ludia to toss them wayside. Reasons like this, and others, is why I don’t play like I used to. Sad, cuz Ludia had a really good thing for a while…like that first year!
The art of hunting and playing has been lost for a long time, and that’s really a bummer


The whole swap in mechanic in general is getting really frustrating. 90% of my battles sees me bringing in a Dino speeding it up only to have the opponent swap in and get a hit anyway. That combined with swap in stun/distraction/lockdown/dodge and whatever bells and whistles they may have are making battles anything but fun.
I’ve always tried to avoid using swappers on my team and feel like the only way to compete now is to become part of the problem.


I still don’t use any swap in attackers. I hate them so much.

They got old for me AGES ago. Phorat and Monorat are the bane of my existence.
I don’t really have a issue with Scorp.

I want all rats to burn.


Phorex is OP, what are you on about???
It’s the worst design this game ever saw.

It’s an anti-swapper swapper with a guaranteed mini-cloak and 5000+ uncounterable damage…

Unless your name is Erlidominus or Erlikospyx


Mini cloak?

Critical sidestep

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I would not really count it as a mini cloak because the crit chance can be removed by cunning strike

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this sidestep is more about cleansing to swap out, or trying to not be hit by counter attacks, and reach turn 3. otherwise is a poor move.

I wouldnt call free guaranteed crit poor on something with 1600 base atk (2700+ boosted)

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For once…

I break bread with you on the OP/nerf subject cough mrhino is fine as is cough

But seriously, I’m with you on this. The only solace I can take from it, is that it’s pretty accessible to everyone.

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Monorat needs to lose some of its rediculous resistances.


Agree to disagree on monololololo
But I am glad we agree on Phorax at least.

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