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Phorurex Counters?

I keep running into this stupid bird and everytime it’s an instant game ender. My team can’t do anything against it. Can anyone got recommendations on what strats are good counters to it?

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Well, it has no counters. That’s what I’ve been trying to say for a while :rofl:
Only things like Skoona or Testa may do a little against it. Spinoconstrictor seems to be a consistent counter. Maybe Hadros as well, I don’t play Hadros anymore so I don’t know that match up on the top of my head.

Strategy, with Skoona use basic to remove dodge and cause vulnerable. Then try to escape next turn so it hits you on escape and Skoona’s counter may kill it.

With Testa it’s tricky. It really depends on your Testa’s boosts. If Phorurex has +144 speed or +2700 attack it can dodge twice and rampage kill you on 3rd turn. Either you have a Testa with +7100 HP that survives or you die. Only counter play possible is that Testa speeds itself in first turn and then reduce Phorurex’ speed on second turn. Then Testa has won. But if the Phorurex was set to reach rampage on second turn there’s nothing you can do to kill it.

Little else possible. A faster Phorurex or mind games with Trebax. But Trebax loses always when it’s slower than Phorurex. It can be one-shot.
You can also set shields on Grypo and swap out to Rhino or Scorpio hoping that you either stun it or survive long enough to finish it off.

It really is hard to counter that OP chicken.
Don’t sweat too much about it.


Entelolania seems decent if it’s not set up phos that is.
Entelo can kill it in 2 turns before it’s Ramp and run but if it has the set up not much can counter it maybe spyk if you play correctly.


Quetzorion, boa, pouka, rhinex, diorajasaurus, skoona, titian, indotaurus and both lanias. The deal is to defeat him before he has a chance to use leathal rampage and run. Although in chase of pouka and rhinex it depends on how they’re boosted


Please, describe for us the situation in which Indotaurus wins Phorurex. For me, it always loses or it has a slight chance at a “draw”.

Utarinex should also lose in any situation. Gemititan is unreliable, depending on mind games. Haven’t checked Poukan, but I believe that it can win in most scenarios the same way Haast would always win at level 28-30.
Hydra Boa should win at 30, but below that it loses.
On the other hand, Orion, Utah, Diora and both lanias aren’t meta viable (ofc, they can still be played if you like them, same as Tryko…).

Note: we’re not talking about half boosted Phorurex, btw.


Ok lemme list some
Erlidom[If faster and dodges]
Haast Max
hadros lux


Oh yeah Skoona too


Idk what kind of trebax you’re playing , but bax doesn’t need to be faster than pho turn 1 to win.

This one beats max attack pho easy. Even survives the rampage crit and is faster than a 10 tier speed pho on turn 2.

Can easily play around with stats, but bax is not always gonnaoose if slower.


Like in rhinex and pouka it mostly depends on how your indotaurus is boosted. You have to switch to indotaurus after phorurex used cautious cunning rampage. Most phorurex users usually go for critical sidestep. Then you have to cloak so that it’s counter damage can take phorurex put


Tryko is pretty reliable, also.


Skoona is the best. Resil strike to make the bird vulnerable, then try to swap out. That triggers the bird’s on-escape move before it’s able to cleanse the vuln, and your counter kills it.

Testacornibus. Strike, strike or decel impact, devastation. Keeping pho slow and vulnerable is the key. (I haven’t played with slower testas; I think you may have to dig in first turn in that case.)

Spyx, trebax: Can be mind games (instant distracting the bird’s instant rampage), but you can win. Neither can be distracted, and precise/nullifying rampages make sidestep irrelevant.

Lania, lux, dio, tryko: Keep pho slow and/or vulnerable and kill it with resilient moves. Do not stall with shields and healing. That just gives it time to get lethal r&r ready. Kill it in two moves.

Spinoconstrictor and antarc: I have no experience with them so I can’t give you exact strategies, but I’ve heard they both counter the bird.

I’ve also killed it or scared it off the field with tenrex, max, and gem, and injured it a lot with rhino and magnus. Play smart. Keep it slow, keep it vulnerable. Don’t let it get past turn two. Don’t try to swap out on it unless you can take the strike without dying and won’t be stunlocked/trapped in place. Swapping out, not dying from the on-escape strike, and sniping pho with your own swap-in is super satisfying.


You gotta first hit it with the impact. Then you can cloak, and swap out, because pjhorurex will have its OE move, and if Indo isn’t stunned or hit through evasion, it’ll counter attack the OE and win


Oooh, thank you. I see it now :relaxed:

Thank you both for the tip. I still don’t have IndoT in the team but that’s a very helpful strategy.

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Yeah, definitely don’t recommend that configuration of boosts. That’s not viable in PvP.


It’s easily kill lol

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Mortem is great

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Rampage t1. Puts it in SO range so it’s forced to die if it swaps :sunglasses:

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I fail to see how Mortem is supposed to be a Phorurex counter.


Cause it obviously has Precise Critical Cleansing Impact now, because why not


How exactly is Mortem a Phorurex counter? At max it can do 2000/4050 HP and that’s only if it’s set up. If you’re looking for some genuine Phorex counters, Spinoconstrictor forces a draw, IndoT can usually win if your cloaked rampage + 17% counter is enough to kill. Skoonasaurus wins 100% if you go RS - RS - swap and get the counter off. Testa wins 85% in the unboosted meta but 50/50s with an edge in the boosted meta.