Phorurex has lost swap-in-damage! Give back our coins and boosts!

According to latest confirmed statement Phorurex has lost the swap-in-damage!

I just say – Give back our coins, DNA and Boosts!

We have invested tons of time and a ton of effort to build a dinosaur, from the stats we were given!

Why is this happening?!


Honestly I don’t mind
Pho was super OP and annoying and it’s still at least high Elite, maybe low tyrant


I’m sure others do. Its in 99% of all players team!

And some of us have building tactics around this dinosaur! Tactic that now is gone! :rage:


IMO, I think it should only lose the lockdown part of it. It should keep the Rending part of it. Removing the whole ability is a bit too much.

And I just leveled it up, so now that’s a waste of coin.


I hate Phorurex with a passion but this is an undeserved punch to the gut to anyone who grinded towards for this guy. Not only is there a heavy Phorex nerf, but there’s not even a boost reset/reshuffle to compensate. Yikes, Ludia, yikes.


Yeah. We where building the dino according to stats.

Without the swap-in-damage we could build the sister instead, the PHORUSAURA.


Hear me out. Why don’t you use the new tokens that are being introduced to deboost them.


Yeah while I don’t feel that the nerf was excessive I do feel that Ludia should have given us a final boost reset with so many drastic creature changes


I used 60.000 cash to buy boosts and used more than 1.1 milion coins to level it up.

I bought something I don’t have any more!

How should I be happy??

Why should I use tookens on something I was promised to have…?!


Well, you can use the tokens to get those amounts of bucks back. The coins are just a fact of life of the game. I wish I could get all the coin I spent on Koolasuchus back, but I’m not complaining

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Have you levled it to level 30?

Yep. Did I go to ludia and ask for the coin back? no.

It’s not that bad grinding coins. It’s a bit of a grind, but doable


@Moksha creatures getting nerfed is not new. Why are you complaining about it now? This has affected people for years. You should know it’s a fact of life of the game. And heck, the tokens were literally released to combat this


Genuinely surprised that people are surprised by this!!!


Would you be OK of this was happening in real life?

A product you bought a few months ago dosen’t work anymore. They sold you something that now is not relevant…?

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Yeah. People just accept this changes.

While we talk about how much FIP, hours of hunting and investment we done – Valued to nothing…?!

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These things have happened for almost 4 years. You should’ve known its never entirely safe to level anything. And you keep ignoring the fact there are these little things called boost tokens


I feel like they should have removed the on escape ability instead, nothing on the parents hints at the Idea of anti swap, but both had swap in abilities. It would make sense to give It an “Alert stunning savagery” ability, I’m sure many wouldn’t be fond of the stunning part but i think It would be a fitting ability for Phorex. Other than that i find that the stat nerfs were done right.


And you know how they work?
How often they will be sold and how much they cost?

I mean, I invested in something that now is gone. I’m not happy.

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You’re getting one of each for free from what it sounds like. That’s all the attack and speed you spent back. Boom. It’s simple