Phorurex Nerf - swap in?

What is the point of its Draco heritage after the Nerf. Not to say that it didn’t need a Nerf but there is 0 common traits now. IMO they should have left the swap in damage and take out the lock down and even the stunning obstruction. Discuss.


Well it has the armour piercing and defence shattering from draco

Meh. The less Swap Ins we have the better. And Phorurex is still a pretty dangerous beastie without it.


No, it really is pretty weak and often cannot make it to the 3rd round when it becomes actually dangerous

How…? It’s got the distraction, it’s got the dodge, it’s got the stun and speed resist. You can revenge kill with rampage and then Ss to LRNR out. It more than not tends to live to turn 3 multiple times, even after it’s nerf. It can still absolutely ruin teams when saved to the end, which shows how op it was.

You have to wait 2 rounds to get the swap kill option. I have literally killed every one since the nerf that I have encountered. The indotaurus shields work better and the shield returnis rxcessively strong. If anything should be nerfed. That dino should