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Phorurex Nerf

He doesn’t need a nerf either

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Anyways this is getting off topic

We never been so far from fair, u have broken an important skill tournament uploading broken dinos… After all the nerfs u did… Shame on you Ludia!!!


And on top of that they want to lower his life that is absurd

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!!! Phorurrex doesn’t need a point nerf !!!


mhm, on paper it looks overpowered but when you see it in use its too broken. (The complete opposite of Testacornibus).

I think the people requesting nerfs just haven’t fought/used it yet.

U are wrong, been fighting all tournament.
One of this things has to be removed:
The rend in swap
The final bloody hit
The rending swap prevention
1600 DMG

And anyway the worst is that this happened before skill coins tournament…

Op ? Nooo… , too perfect yes. At least lowered her damage to 1500, it would be fine

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now explain me why old dinos already with few features has to be nerfed and a new dinos comes out with rending swap prevention,rend in swap, insta rampage and bloody rampage in the end is perfect. (skoona can counter him is not an answer)

I just want it to not pin gemeni anymore. Gemenititan is supposed to be immune to swap prevention

Hopefully its a bug and they will fix it

phorurex is one of those creatures where you see your like oh no but really its not too bad

Armour and shields work wonders against it because it’s bleed and shield break is on a two turn delay

indom can counter it

That dino does not need a nerf and it’s even bad

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its not as bad as it sounds on paper. used it during the tournament and it didnt feel overpowered. its kinda squishy.


I know it’s already been mentioned before, but Phorurex was actually pretty balanced in the tournament. It never dominated the match the way like Skoona and Testa did.

If you want specifics, this is what I noticed

Can hit pretty hard
Instant Cunning Rampage and LR&R are both awesome moves
Access to cleanse and self buffs
Solid stats
Good passives

4050 HP can be squishy when it comes to HP
Horrendous T2 (4800)
Critical Sidestep isn’t guaranteed dodge
Resistances are incomplete, especially stun
Swap in does very little damage when threatened


Nerf Thor and Cera

I’m just gonna close this because it’s useless now