Phorurex Preventing Swap Resistant/Immune Creatures From Leaving

Bug Description: Phorurex ignores when swap immune creatures attempt to leave.

Area is was found in: Arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Ardentismaxima vs Phorurex
Step 2 - Ardentismaxima tries to leave but is locked down, even though it’s 100% immune to the effect

How often does it happen: Has been reported multiple times. Happened with Mammolania as well.

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else? Screenshot added


Thanks for reporting this to us, HighFlyer15. I’ll bring it up with our team!


I can tell by the lockdown on Phorurex that it has recently swapped-in. This is what causes the bug. Part of the effect of it’s swap-in attack is to apply a 2 turn lockdown on both itself AND what it hits.

Creatures that have resistance to it should have a chance to resist that 2 turn lockdown when hit, just like a Sarcorixis using Immobilize can have the lockdown part resisted.


Watch when it isn’t a bug.


thats a serious problem. ardentis is 100% immune to swap prevention


Probably its not a bug, just bad programming. Swap prevention immune creatures would probably need to attempt to leave to avoid being locked down. Immunity is triggered only on swap out. So when Phorurex swaps in locks both creatures, if other (swap prevention immune) don’t swap out at same time.

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Bug Description: Phorex locks down immune to lockdown creatures upon swap in and swap out

Area is was found in: arena and tournaments

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- swap in phorex on immune creatures or have immune creatures try to swap out
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: every single time

What type of device are you using: iPhone 7

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here). Provided is a screenshot of my gem after Phorex swapped in

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My alliance has been experiencing the same issues, so I can concur. Gem is about to mess up that Phorurex, though.

no I lost due to the instant charge lol

If I had to guess why this happens…

Phorurex also locks itself down on the same turn, as all swap in moves do this. Some dinos with swap in moves themselves have swap prevention immunity, so code must exist that allows the self-applied swap prevention to bypass this immunity. My guess is that currently this code is also applying to the swap prevention applied to the opponent.

I’m very curious if the Andrewtops swap in is doing the same thing, since it’s the only other swap-in move I can think of that also applies swap prevention.


I think your right. The swap in rending lockdown says target:Highest hp: swap prevent lasing 2 turns.

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Actually it may be because Ludia counts Lockdown and Swap Prevention as different effects (although yes they visually look the same, and have essentially the same affect when given), the difference existing so that moves that apply lockdown to the self can’t be resisted - that’s how they get around that situation of a swap-prevention immune dino not being able to lock itself down after using a swap in move. The problem is just that Phorurex applies LOCKDOWN to the opponent, not swap prevention, and hence they can’t resist it.

Normal swap prevention

Phorurex applying Lockdown (properly) to itself after swapping in.

Phorurex applying Lockdown to opponent

So all Ludia should have to do is change the debuff used against the opponent to swap prevention instead of lockdown.


@Ned This ^ is definitely what’s going on! Should be an easy fix?


I was going to say the same thing @Mudkipz but you beat me to it :dizzy_face:. Noticed it was applying lockdown and not swap prevention yesterday… Idk why they haven’t hotfixed it yet. I like the dino, just don’t like it being bugged when use it. (Even to my benefit)

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