Phorurex raid

ok beat this one video to come used a lvl 22 inso though so a lot bigger

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now this worked but took 7 turns and last one i should have used distract as i got taunted but still worked the first go which is refreshing :stuck_out_tongue: video to come

tried it again and falied this time bit hit and miss with all the stuns

this worked better but boosted dinos

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this is my new favorite works with a lvl 25 stock skooni but you do need a big thor still and if you cna get a touro with 5k health it should survive round 2 turn 2

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Just use this one

I’ve used the one with M Rhino above and it was 100% successful and none of us were ever even in danger. It’s nice to have one finally that’s not a total pain in the butt!!

This one is incredibly easy and reliable.


Yea this one is very nice

have to give this a shot as soon as i find a thor that works

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I had to grab Phorurex from 6 blocks away and walk it home on my lunch break but beat it on the first try.

I used 25 Thor, 25 Thor, 22 Diorajasaur and 25 Tuoramoloch. I will try the above strategies on a week when I have it in range of home.

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How do you keep Thor from dying on r2t2?

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I did it 6 times in a row, all failures. Thor will not survive round 2 typically. If the little shield minion decides to invincible r2t2 youre also boned since the rampage will land there. You’ll have to explain the process a little more. At 2.2k damage thor cannot erase both minions unless he crits, and this becomes an issue r2t1 when everyone else is shielding or buffing.

failed both time we tried it with like lvl 16 inos not a fan

So far this team has worked the best and even did a 1 turn round in round 2. So round 1 and 3 were 2 turns, even though I had a stunned Thor. Both Thors are tier 12 in damage.


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If your thor is dying r2 t2 it’s because your thor is too fast. It should be faster than the gemini, but slower than the inosts. The inost distracts the boss in that turn and while it hits the thor, the shot should only be for like 1500-2k to the thor if I recollect

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Nice I figured this raid wouldn’t be the easiest though

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