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Phorurex rend doing too much damage

Bug Description: Swap in Alert Rending Lockdown is doing 0.4x damage while Phorurex is in a Secure state. Description says it should be 0.2x

Area is was found in: Strike tower

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Start match with creature other than Phorurex
Step 2 - Swap to Phorurex

How often does it happen: Every

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
Swapped in on Hatz, which had 1465 health, swap in damage was 586.

Hey Somedinoguy, I believe it does 0.4x damage while in Secure state. Unless the in-game description is different from the notes here: :thinking:




Thanks for the screenshot! I’ll check with our team. :mag:

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No problem @Ned I would hope that a beast with the kit that this one has doesn’t also get to swap in for .4x at full health… that would be a disastrous decision.

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That’s odd. It was doing 0.2x while secure immediately after the update came out. Looks like they changed it, meaning the version in the notes is probably correct. Either that or they’re seriously confused.


Honestly these atk descriptions are starting to get very convoluted. Can someone please explain to me what a ‘secure’ state vs. a ‘threatened’ state is?

Just a HP threshold. If, before the round begins you have greater than X HP, you’re “secure”, else you’re “threatened” and there’s a blue aura around those moves.

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Thank you @Somedinoguy :pray:. Been playing for years, but these new moves and the conditions in which they can take place are getting very convoluted for me.

I wish they would have mentioned the aura thing outright; once you notice it, it makes total sense but things like swap in/out alerts are tricky to keep track of since there’s no visual indicator for those.

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