Phorurex Stunning Obstruction

This ability states Target escapee unable to swap & Attack ____ & 100% chance to stun.

100% chance to stun !!!

I think that the only way to escape/swap should be if Target has
100% swap prevent resist + 100% stun resist

Cuz if creature is STUNNED, then it should be unable to make a move such as SWAP

If it resist stun, it can swap of it’s immune or resist swap prevention.


I’ve encountered a STUNNED escapee, who still managed to swap
That’s wrong


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Stunned means it can’t use it’s selected move if it did select a move. Has nothing to do with swapping out, which is why things like swap-prevention and no-escape are a thing


Swap is a move

Otherwise, Ludia should take out that “100% stun” if it’s useless
and just make the the ability a regular “unable to swap”

Swapping is not the same as selecting a move, hence why they function completely different. Additionally, the stun does make sense to be on there, because if a creature tries to swap out and is swap prevented, and also gets stunned, that means that they are stunned for the next turn and can’t select a move.


IMO swapping should not override stun just as cleanse cannot override stun

Swapping isn’t overriding stun because swapping isn’t a move. Swap-prevention is the mechanic that prevents swapping. Stun is the mechanic that prevents move selection/move execution. Cleanse requires a move to through, which is what stun prevents, hence why it doesn’t work.


If your stunned you can switch and phorurex got a hard nerf

Not even that meta anymore

Not sure why you keep saying swap is not a move
When its your turn, you “move” to either attack/defend/swap

Okay, then let me rephrase. Stunning prevents attacks. Swapping isn’t an attack. Your argument is invalid


Just because you may not fully understand the mechanics of the game doesn’t mean they should be rewritten. If you learn from your misunderstandings, you’ll see a large improvement in your skill and get even better at the game.

chicken and egg thing here swap IS a move stun and prevent IS a reactionary move so if you swap you swap BEFOIRE the reactionary stun so if you are stunned BUT are stun resistant you cant counter but you can swap.
that my understandign of it
try it on mardi gra anky he gets stunned by a feather but is swap proof so if he can swap and get stunned theres your answer

I completely forgot about the fact that the stun would prevent Phoru from being counter-attacked as well. Thanks for reminding me. So even if the creature doesn’t get swap-prevented, and still gets stunned, it does indeed have a use.


Friendly reminder to keep things civil, and keep the tone respectful :sauropod:


No it doesn’t. It just mean you can’t use your creature’s moveset but it you can swap even when stunned.
You can’t swap if the creature is pinned or locked.
Phorurex just happens to have a on escape move that does both.


and for that reason it hates skooni even if it does get stuck and lets be honest 90 perecent of the time it does it still has the counter (if it survives the hit that is) then blam :stuck_out_tongue:

Stunned means it can’t attack or counter-attack however it doesn’t affect swap outs!!!


Swapping out while being stunned has been a mechanic in the game since day one. The stun is extra punishment for if a player tries to swap, not for preventing them from doing so.