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Phorusaura and why it matters in Mortrem raids

Some of you may have figured that out already, but let me say it loud and clear - a powerful Phoru is excellent in the Mortrem raid. I’m not even talking about a maxed-out Phoru… however, there are some “requirements” for it that we’ll go through a bit later.

First, why Phoru is a good choice? Because it allows for a somewhat diverse team (in theory) and takes care of a certain raptor problem there is in the raid. Here’s a brief guide on how to use this wonderful hybrid regardless of the team configuration:

  • At the start of each of the 2 rounds, use Instant Rampage to eliminate the Raptor (a.k.a. Damage Minion). Yes, there are other ways of not allowing the raptor to strike for a massive 4340 damage, but if you have Phoru on the team it will take care of that, as the raptor has only 3183 HP. Pretty much any Phoru with 1600+ attack will kill the raptor right away every single time.

  • On turn 2, use Rampage and Run if you can kill the counter-attack minion with it. Otherwise stick to Cunning strike for distraction or Sidestep to dodge, depending on how turn 1 went.

  • For the rest of the raid, stick to Cunning strike in order to reduce crit chance and distract Mortrem.

  • Instant Rampage or Rampage and Run in the end, or if you are doomed to die from a Mortrem attack. Mortrem does NOT have armor, so you do full 2x damage with these attacks.

It is important to mention (and it is valid for any raid attempt with any team) that Mortrem will cleanse any debuffs with his random attack in round 1 and what’s even worse, with his tail whip in round 2. Phoru can dodge 66.7% of the damage of both attacks though, so use Sidestep accordingly! Surviving to attack again is much more important than doing some damage and dying, because you thought the distraction will help.

Now for the requirements I mentioned. Obviously as I already said in order to do it’s main job, Phoru has to be with at least 1600 attack. Anything more than that is very welcome, it will enable you to use 2x attacks in a more optimal way.
Speed is not a great factor, no need to be faster than the raptor which is a big advantage for Phoru teams.
Health however is crucial. Phoru has to survive a Primal Tail Whip of 3342 damage and Group Mock, Block and Sock of 1881 damage. That’s because tail whip hits everyone and GMBS targets lowest HP, which usually is Phoru. It all depends on your team composition though - you have to keep all that in mind when composing your team. Do you have instant shields you can use on turn 1? If so, that will ensure the survival of Phoru. Can you distract to reduce the damage of Mortrem’s tail whip? If so, that may help Phoru survive as well. That part depends on your team, usually you can do either one of these (or both). Phoru, on the other hand, has to have some HP boosts invested - around 4500 HP is generally fine, anything more is even better. It is super important to survive the first 2 turns of each round, especially round 1. Towards the end you may sacrifice Phoru by doing any of its rampages if that will ensure the success of the raid.

We managed to beat Mortrem with an uncoordinated (at least on my side) team - pics attached for proof.

What’s important to note here is the team isn’t some maxed-out monsters - a 28 Phoru, 28 Dilora, 28 Maxima and 27 Tenonto! This is your average 5500-ish Arena score player, so chances are you may be able to compose such teams and attempt to bring down Mortrem yourself. Coordination and better stats will only further increase your chances.

Good luck!


Nice strategy.
But i won’t level up my phorusaura especially for raids.
He is probably on the way to get a nerf.
But really nice idea to take out the raptor first,when i see tuora everywhere ,i feel there is like no strategy.

lv 28s are the average in aviary? then idk what game im playing.


Yeah, even in Library highest I’ve faced is 24. Now that I think about it, almost all the Phorusaura I’ve faced have been exactly 24.

It is possible I’ve faced higher and forgotten about it, but it certainly wouldn’t be typical for that trophy range.

darn,i almost never faced one in gyrosphere.
95% of my matchup are the Ardentis/tryko/magna/DC
Like if there were not others creatures in the game.
Now,it is no longer a surprise,i know every time what will happen:
*Oh,what a surprise,he switch to magna to reduce the rending attack on his ardentis,i would never expect that :roll_eyes: *
But of course you did,because the gameplay is a pure do it/repeat/repeat/repeat.
So predictable.

I find it more Grypho, Dioraja and the tyrant trio (Max, Tryk and Magna). Phorasaura is quite.common in the Shores.

As for the Raids, my alliance actually created an entire strategy based on 3 Phorus and 1 Tenonto solely to carry lowbies to Mortem Rex wins. You need 2 endgame ready Phorus and a lvl 16 Phorus with an endgame ready Tenonto. So ard 2.5k damage for the carrier high level Phorus and about 2.8k damage on Tenonto

Sorry guys, it’s a typo - 5500-ish range, not 4500 :smiley: I’m not that low in the Arena lol


You may be right, but Phoru is actually useful (or even decent) in tournaments and the Arena too. It is not pidgeonholed for Raids like many other creatures. Whether or not it will eat the nerf bat remains to be seen :smiley: If you look at Tryko and Maxima, Phoru may actually get buffed next time :joy:

awww. and here i was thinking i was doing so much better with 23.5 in library. :sweat_smile:

Phorus will get nerfed to make space for its superhybrid or be accidentally buffed by some change in its moveset and stats to be better than its hybrid.

No one knows, perhaps not even Ludia at this point. Remember Dracorex was supposed to be nerfed when it gets a Unique - not only it got buffed, but also it’s slightly better than its Unique and way easier to make now that dracorex is everywhere. Monolometrodon, another legendary that is slightly better or at least on par with its Unique counterpart Magna. On top of all that, even if Phoru is destined to be nerfed, it still might take months to get there, judging from the time it took to nerf other unbalanced creatures in the past years.