Phorusaura gets better?!?

So a few months ago I put a post on here talking about how Phorusaura has instant rampage - the best move in the game. The only way to counter it was to either have a faster dinosaur (with pay-to-win boosts, almost impossible) or to have something that can withstand it, slow it down, and kill it before it can rampage and run.

Now, rampage and run is no longer delayed. This is from the release notes:

“ability 3: Delayed Rampage And Run changed to Rampage And Run”

So far, I haven’t seen it changed in game play. But the fact this is going to happen in an update is absurd. At least before it had to do at least 2 moves before it could rampage and run.

Now, it can:

(slower creature)
Swap in stun
Instant Rampage
Rampage and run

(faster creature)
Swap in stun
Rampage and run

That’s two rampages and out before your creature can do anything. Not to mention, how many other Legendary dinos have a swap in move plus TWO priority moves AND 100% resistance to swap prevention?

I have unique dinos that don’t have abilities even close to that.

So that’s it for any cunning creatures, they’ll be useless from here on out. If the other team has a Phorusaura and both dracorex hybrids, you’re toast.

I totally agree, but you can save your breath. The rampage and run change didn’t go through, it still has a delay. It could be that Ludia heard our concerns, or it’s just an oversight. But if it was a mistake, let’s hope they don’t correct it :joy:


Oh goodness, ludia please listen to the community and keep it delayed!


Yeah I was looking forward to this change and Phoru becoming a beast again… only to find out they didn’t change anything.