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Phorusaura - Instant Rampage best move in the game

Ever since Indo gen 2 got nerfed, it seems players are more and more relying on Phorusaura to deliver them wins. It’s a tough creature to stop, because if you use it as your second creature you can immediately score a 2000 - 3000 point hit on the other creature - which is made worse with boosts. Not to mention, it can swoop in then stun.

Try to use a fierce creature? Sorry, it has a crafty strike that reduces damage. Want to use something faster than it? Nope, it has dodge and speed increase. Want to slow it down? Sorry, after a resilient strike or thag they’ll just swap to another creature, then swap back in (stun) or use it again on the next play to score another 3000 point hit and rampage and run out of there.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to counter instant rampage?


Swap in Shields work well, Orion guts it or forces it to swap out

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swap in shields won’t prevent it from rampage and run though, then instant rampage gets used against you again later on.

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Yeah you need some kind of swap-in ability, but even then you’ll either block the first hit and still take the Rampage and Run, or swap in slow but have it switch out.

I guess I just don’t understand that for most legendary creatures, their best move comes after a 1 turn delay. This one, it’s best move can be used even before it’s first turn.


Phorus is mainly a revenge killer or fall guy, and SIS is RNG, IR has a 2 turn cooldown, and is bound after swapping in. Orion also shreds it

I get Orion is the key here, but it shouldn’t be that just one creature is the answer to another.

Also, what good is a 2 turn cool down if you can do a move with the exact same damage (RAR) right after?

Because the second move isn’t priority

Phorus is undoubtably broken, but IR is not the problem


As one of the fastest dinos in the game, added with boosts, it usually has the first move anyway so priority is mute. It also has dodge and speed increase to give it priority

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Actually most people don’t boost speed on Phorus in arena.

Also, resilients/Orion wreck it

If you have a resilient strike, they just switch it out and switch it back in when the next creature gets low, and they can hit you again with instant rampage

That’s called strategy, that’s not a problem.

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Sure, all I’m saying is that this is turning the arenas into a tournament situation. If you have the Phora then you’re going to win, if you don’t, you lose. One creature should not have that kind of power. All I’m saying

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It doesn’t have that power in the arena, it’s busted in tourneys, but not the arena.


The game has always had op dinos that have this kind of ability.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not but it certainly seems to be part of the JWA way of things.


Exactly. Not only should a dino never have only one counter, but it needs counters in it’s own rarity for tournaments. That’s a big part of the problem, because most of Phorusauras counters are uniques.


I don’t mind instant rampage, as another comment said it is part of strategy - but if you’ve got that kind of ability surely the rest of the creature needs some restraint. After all, it can only be stopped by creatures in classes higher than it, and even then it destroys most of the cunning and fierce unique hybrids

Lania beats it easily. IR is annoying on Phorusaura. Still it’s more balanced that 2.0 Ardentis was. In 3 - 4 months many will have perfect counter for Phorusaura, Hadros Lux.


Again, part of it is having counters in it’s own rarity. Mammotherium can do some work with Bellow, but are you really going to swap one into a Phorusaura when your opponent brings one in? You’ll still take the full Instant Rampage, and Phorusaura will still escape. Because of how Instant Rampage works, a Phorusaura with 1 HP is almost as good as one at full health.