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Phorusaura Opinions

Okay team! Here’s a little backstory: Before Thanksgiving, there was a special event for this legendary and this is what I scored on ONE attempt. I was so happy, you have no idea. I’m currently leveling up my Maiasaura and I’m almost there!

Is this legendary worth investing in? I’ve seen some gameplay and I really love the personality of the bird because I think it shows. I’m curious because I love hearing opinions of those that actually have him versus those that want to nerf him because of a single move.

Thanks :smiley:


He is really good and of course ,he is good to level up

But in the same time,don’t forget he can one dayget a superhybrid which will make him less strong


She is a good hybrid very strong and great for things like erlidom and spxs although doesn’t do that well against chompers, distracters, or tanks. Although she usually can get out of there with RaR I think she is a good investment if you don’t have any uniques

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I sure hope they’d make a hybrid for her, I think it would be killer! If that’s the case, I’ll get her to level 2O.

Decently leveled it is difficult for your opponent to work around. That instant rampage is a threat. She is suceptacle to stuns, so you do need to be a bit careful there.


Going against the tanks would be a small concern, considering the fact there are a lot of Thor’s and T-Rex hybrids.

True but stuff like carno, Tura, maxima, tryko, and stego can like reck this thing of it can’t killed them

I don’t have here yet, but I’m sure she’s worth investing. She isn’t my main goal right now anyway. I did get a decent amount of DNA in the thanksgiving week though.

Not wasting my coin to level the terror bird up any time soon :sweat_smile:.


I lover her to bits; an anti-speedster speedster!

Useless against tanks, but that just means you have to be tactical and pick and choose your battles.

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Its definitely not the dino you want to open with but the instant rampage can do wonders for your mid game set up or finisher. I love the design and think it’s a great though situational legendary.


Definitely something I’d save for mid game/end, I definitely agree with you. Usually when I roll a team, I save the good ones for later because it does help.

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Or trykos cause umm ya

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It’s great for tournaments


It’s sick. Absolutely awesome. Can’t wait for a unique.
ETA: yep, great for tournaments


I rarely ever see them in the arena, which is probably a good thing

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