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Phorusaura Superhybrid Ideas

If you were to give Phorusaura a superhybrid, what would it be? Please list the name, the dinos needed to fuse, stats, and kit.



Rarity: Unique

Hybrid Materials: Phorusaura + Scutosaurus

Hp: 4600
Attack: 1300
Armor: 20%
Speed: 129
Crit Chance: 5%

Cunning Strike
Instant Rampage
Revenge Decelerating Impact


100% Swap Prevention Immunity
100% Deceleration Immunity
65% Stun Resistance

Nice dino I wonder wat it look like

Concavenator and Phorusaura
Health: 3800
Damage: 1350
Speed: 127
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 5%

Decelerating Strike
Instant Rampage
Piercing Impact and Run
Armor Piercing Counter
Swap in Stun

75% Stun
100% Swap Prevention

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Dimorphodon and phorusaura

Bleeding distraction (Distraction 50%,1X damage,DoT 34% of enemy life)
Instant rampage (instant,2X damage) 1turn cooldown
Reverse sidestep (instant,100% evasion ,DoT 20% of enemy life)
Instant lock (Instant,deal 1X damage,target lock for 2 turn) 1 turn cooldown

Passive:Evasive flight:Phorumorphodon have 75% chance to dodge 66,6% damage anytime.
Only precise,define and Resilient abilities are 100% sure to hit him.
Swap in speed up distraction:The turn he enter the game,earn +10% speed for 2 turn,target get distraction 75%)

Swap prevention:100%

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I’ve got two

Model: Terror bird Animations

  • Predatory Strike [New]: 1X. Bypass Armor and Evasion. Distract 50% 1 turn.
  • Mutual Fury
  • Instant Rampage
  • Shatter&Run [New]: 2X Armor Piercing. Destroy Shields. Automatically Swap to next Creature. Delay: 1/ Cooldown: 1.
  • Swap in Stun

~ 100% Stun Resistant
~ 100% Swap Prevention Resistant
~ 67% Taunt Resistant
~ 25% Rend Resistant

  • 3800 HP
  • 1350 Attack
  • 130 Speed
  • 20% Critical
  • 10% Armor

Idea: It loses some Attack for bulk and resistance, and gaining MF helps play the Resilient Meta a little better than its parent. With good mind games you could deliver a mean boosted IR and then run to hopefully repeat.

Model: Baryonyx Animations

  • Sidestep
  • Cunning Impact
  • Instant Shatter [New]: Priority. 2X Armor Piercing. Destroy Shields. Delay: 1/ Cooldown: 2.
  • Fierce Impact

~ 100% Stun Resistant
~ 100% Swap Prevention Resistant

  • 4400 HP
  • 1700 Attack
  • 108 Speed
  • 20% Critical

Idea: Basically Dodorex from ARK is what I’m imagining lol. I feel like this would be pretty nightmarish to face in the arena (more so with boosts involved), since it can avoid taking damage just as well as it can dish it. This one might be overly good IMHO.

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allophorsaura (allosinosaurus and Phorusaura

4000hp 1500atk 127speed 20% crit 15% problem

cunning strike deal 1x dmg distract 50% for 1 turn

instant shatter priority, deal 2x dmg bypassing armor and shield

greater armor pierce and run deal 2x dmg bypassing armor and swapping out your current creature

instant charge priority, deal 1x dmg with a 75% chance to stun opponent